Monday, January 08, 2007

Bush is out of control

Fasten your seat belts.  President Bush is going to announce his new "strategerie" for Iraq next week.  A surge.  A surge right over the cliff.
Mr. President, it's over.  You've lost control.  Here are the facts that matter:  80% of Iraqis want us to leave; over 40% of Iraqis are now unemployed;  no place is safe or normal due to insurgency and civil war – women can not even give birth safely, due to the total breakdown of a once excellent healthcare system (WPost 1/4/2007).
It is over.  The world knows it, America knows it, your own military knows it (only 35% believe in your policy).  Shifting generals and overruling your advisors is moving the deck chairs on the titanic. Hardly anything is going right, even Saddam's execution was a disaster you couldn't control, Mr. President.
The Iraqis are going to take their country back in whatever form, regardless of what we do, however we do it, whenever we do it.
Don't delay the inevitable Mr. President.  Vietnam taught us that lesson. It took 7 years and over 35,000 more deaths after 1968 when the handwriting was on the wall. Vietnamization. Pacification. Search and Destroy.  Winning the Hearts and Minds. None of it worked.
This is no longer a military battle, a war, it's a political battle.  We are not the surge protectors.  We are not the NYPD.
It is time, Mr. President, to adapt the late Senator George Aiken's strategy for Vietnam:  declare victory and get out.

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