Wednesday, March 07, 2007



E-mail the Joint Senate and House Tax Panel at

Whether you believe our focus should be on "Save Our Homes" Tax Portability, a proposal to help first time home buyers, the capping of tax increases on non-homesteaded properties, all of the above, or creating an entirely new tax system, now is the time to speak out. To be effective, please be clear and concise about your ideas. You may have some very specific ideas you are willing to share, but, if not, simply pasting the two below points into an email of your own will also be helpful.

We need the Legislature to act this year on significant and broad tax reform, including, but certainly not limited to tax portability. We need reform that helps all, including first time homebuyers, primary residents, second homeowners, and businesses alike. People are leaving Florida, and businesses will shy away until we solve this crisis.

Not only must the Governor and the Legislature act this year on the general issue of reform, they must approve a Special Election to be held in 2007, so voters do not have to wait another year to finalize any reform passed by the Legislature. As proud Realtors, we will not rest until this issue is solved.

E-mail the joint Senate and House Tax Panel at


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