Monday, May 21, 2007

Hillary Snubs GLBT Activist's

Hillary Snubs GLBT Activist's
On Sunday May 20Th, Hillary was making the Rounds in South Florida, or was she?
While The Florida  Black Caucus was meeting in Jacksonville, the Small County Coalition was meeting in Gainsville the GLBT Democrats were meeting in Sarasota.
The most influential democratic GLBT leaders were meeting in Sarasota. on May 18,19 and 20Th as were the others, Back Democrats and the Fly Over Counties. The Florida GLBT Caucus had invited Hillary to attend a Coffee on Sunday May 20Th, which was more than feasible for her schedulers, seeing how she would be in New Orleans on Saturday May 19Th and could be in Sarasota Before going on to A fundraiser in Parkland.
Here was her Schedule instead, she went to a Coffee  in North Broward, then on to Parkland then on to a Dinner in Fort Lauderdale, all of these events were for the Insiders of Broward and the Wealthy, while the Hillary camp were snubbing the hard working activist of the Democratic Party   the Black Caucus The GLBT Caucus and The Small Counties.
Speaking of the GLBT Activist , Nation Wide most GLBT Leaders Have Already signed on to the Edwards Campaign,   While Many in  Florida are still undecided, If I were Hillary's Team,and wanted to Demonstrate that I wanted Florida's GLBT support I would not have Snubbed 65 of some of the strongest GLBT leaders in Florida.


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