Wednesday, June 27, 2007

McCain Death Watch: Quinnipiac Edition

Quinnipiac has released the latest version of its swing-state poll, covering Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. While the results are interesting, here's what I find more interesting: They've started adding a category to the GOP primary results labeled, "WITHOUT McCAIN." (See question 2.)
Now, to those of you who don't spend all your days reading polls like this, the "without" breakdowns are usually reserved for candidates who probably won't be in the race, such as "without Gingrich," "without Rice," etc. This, as far as I know, is the first instance of a major polling organization starting to look publicly at a race without John McCain. (The result, by the way, Rudy Giuliani picks up 6 points in Florida, 6 points in Ohio, and 5 points in Pennsylvania.)
The other Republican-primary headline out of the poll: Mr. Thompson has tied or surpassed Mr. McCain in all three swing states.

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