Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Urge Governor Crist to Veto SB 900!

Bill is an assault on the people's right to petition

The latest legislation aimed at stifling citizen initiatives is headed
to Gov. Charlie Crist's desk. The bill (SB 900) is flawed, unnecessary
and potentially expensive. Crist should veto it.
 Florida Legislature recently passed SB 900, a bill that will
essentially make it impossible for grassroots groups to exercise their
constitutional right to organize ballot initiatives. (See more info below.)
Governor Crist has publicly stated he is not sure whether or not he will
sign the bill. *Please send a quick online letter now urging the
governor to veto SB 900. 


The Florida Chamber of Commerce, which represents big business, has
lobbied the Florida Legislature for three years on this issue. The
Chamber wants to stop Florida Hometown Democracy, a statewide petition
effort that will let voters have the final say over whether or not we
want more sprawl in our communities. The Chamber wants to remove the one
and only recourse the people have to reign in a legislature that remains
indifferent to the people's interest.

If SB 900 had been the law of the land, we would not have smaller class
sizes, a state minimum wage, universal Pre-K, Clean Everglades or any
other progressive policies enacted over the past ten years.

*What You Can Do:*

1. *Act Now!* Please let Governor Crist know you are opposed to the
provisions in SB 900. Click on the link below to get more
information on this issue and to send a *quick and easy online
letter* urging Governor Crist to veto this bill.


2. Ask all your friends and family members to send the letter.

If you would like to send an individual e-mail or call the
governor's office on this issue, contact information is featured
below. Be sure to urge the governor to *veto SB 900*:

Governor Charlie Crist
E-mail:Charlie.Crist@ myflorida. com
Phone: 850-488-7146 or 850-488-4441

*Thanks for your help on this important issue!*

If SB 900 is signed into law it will require:

* *Petitions to be submitted to election supervisors within 30 days
after collecting signatures. *This will be difficult for
statewide, grassroots efforts. It is also unnecessary as a
statutory cutoff already exists that gives supervisors time to
verify signatures are valid.

* *A provision giving voters 120 days to retract their signatures.
*This will open the door to harassment of petition signers and
will be costly and disruptive for election supervisors who will
have to match up names of signers with names on petition
revocation forms.

Get more information on the *
Florida Hometown Democracy effort.

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