Wednesday, September 26, 2007

53 Percent prefer, Dems In Congress Comared to GOP

Most of the recent national polls have shown widespread discontent with politicians in Washington. Both the White House and Congress are wildly unpopular, leading a lot of conservatives to boast that the new Democratic congressional majority has already lost the electorate. After all, if Americans liked what they saw from the new Democratic Congress, the institution’s approval ratings wouldn’t be so dreadfully low.
As Republican talking points go, this might sound vaguely persuasive, if it weren’t completely wrong.
Public attitudes toward the two major political parties have not changed much in recent months. That’s good news for the Democratic Party, which moved into a superior image position when compared to the Republican Party more than a year ago. Americans not only continue to view the Democratic Party more favorably than the Republican Party in general terms, but they also choose the Democratic party as the preferred party for maintaining the nation’s economic prosperity. And, in a departure from recent history, Americans see the Democrats as the political party better able to protect the country from terrorism.
A new Gallup poll finds the Democratic Party's public image in much, much better shape than the Republicans'. The Dems have a 53% favorable rating and 43% unfavorable, compared to the GOP's dismal 38%-59% figure.
On the issues, the Dems are ahead, too. Asked which party would do a better job keeping the country prosperous, the Democrats holds a 54%-34% advantage over the Republicans. And when asked which party would do a better job protecting the country from terrorism and military threats, the Dems win 47%-42%, just barely inside the polls ±3 margin of error.
The reason? The GOP's favorability has tracked almost exactly with President Bush. Right now they're at 38% favorable, and he's at 36%, a statistically indistinguishable difference.
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