Thursday, September 20, 2007

From Schiavo to To Moveon, Does The GOP Speak For America?

Texas Republican Senator, John Cornyn, is offering a resolution
criticizing  for running an ad that mocked General Petraeus. Is
there anything that better exemplifies just how out of touch the
Republican Party has become, more than its unhealthy obsession with MoveOn and
Petraeus? One would have thought that the Schiavo fiasco would have
provided Cornyn and his Republican colleagues a clue as to just how
clueless they really are.
If Schiavo didn't make the GOP aware of their out-of-touch state then, in 2006, their delusional belief that they would retain control of both Houses of Congress and the ensuing Democratic landslide, should have provided at least a hint. Still, if not Schiavo and
not the election ... how 'bout their ongoing communal delusion that
Iraq is a big political winner for them...?

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