Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Gov. Crist Will Back Anti-Bully Bill

UP DATE 09-13-07
Thursday, September 13, 2007

Charlie Crist, is denying any meeting of any kind with Equality Florida
Erin Isaac, spokeswoman for Gov. Charlie Crist, is denying any meeting of any kind with Equality Florida, the rights group, that also triggered a Hateful backlash from the Florida Family Association.

Isaac commented that there was no meeting between Crist and members of Equality Florida on Sept. 11 and if officials from the group bumped into the governor while they were meeting with Crist's staff, that "no legislation was discussed."

Nadine Smith Of Equality Florida, said that Crist talked to her for about a minute and a half following a meeting they had with Crist's staff. She said that Crist enthusiastically gave his support for the anti-bullying bill and said "I'm with you! I'm with you!" It is Crist's support of the anti-bullying bill, which was drawn up in response of taunting and harassment of kids by their peers in school, that drew the wrath of the Florida Family Association. The association is opposed to the legislation because it might include "gender identity" as the categories that are protected from anti-bullying, a move that FFA contends the Anti-Bully Bill promotes transvestites in schools.

From: Nadine Smith <> Equality Florida

I just left a meeting with the Governor's staff on the
anti-bullying bill and got a chance to talk to the Governor

We told him Florida can pass a strong anti-bullying bill with
his help and backing.
The Governor's message to us was direct and enthusiastic -
"I'm with you! I'm with you!"

David Barkey from the Anti-Defamation League drove home the
solid support of his organization for a fully inclusive bill
that doesn't shy away from naming the most prevalent forms of
discrimination, including: physical appearance, sexual
orientation, race, gender identity, disability....

We thanked the Governor's for his strong support of our
anti-bullying effort.
This year will be a tipping point for Safe Schools legislation
and for everyone who has worked so hard for its passage -- now
is the time to dig in for the big push.

We often ask our strongest supporters to contact the Governor's
office and the time will come soon for us to do that, but right
now we want our supporters to call their legislators and tell
them that ending the epidemic of bullying in our schools must be
their top priority this session. Ask everyone to send us an
email at to let us know what your legislator

From: Nadine Smith <>


please take 5 minutes today and call your legislator. You can cut and paste
the following link into your Web browser: to find out who
your legislators are and how to contact them.

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