Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mayor Naugle: liberal media tried to smear me

Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jim Naugle recently gave NPR's "All Things Considered'' his take on the controversy over his comments about gays:
"There was an attempt from some in the radical homosexual community and their pals over in the liberal media that tried to smear my good name.''naugle150.jpg
Naugle said he never said anything homophobic or hateful or improper or bigoted. He was just trying to protect public parks.
"We're trying to clean up the community,'' he said.
The controversy started when Naugle was quoted saying he uses the term "homosexual'' because "most of them aren't gay. They're unhappy.'' He says gay men frequent public bathrooms for sex.
Broward County tourism chief Nicki Grossman told NPR that she had worried the "tone'' of his statements would hurt gay tourism. But Fort Lauderdale was just named "Best Gay Resort'' by readers of Out Traveler magazine.
Says Grossman, in the Oct. 18 NPR piece: "Police department records do not support the mayor's claims. Period, end of sentence. We've moved on.''
Much speculation has taken place about what Naugle will do when his term ends in spring 2009. He told NPR that he would return to his job as a Realtor.
This right-wing nut job is just trying to hawk for a job as a Rush Limbaugh Wannabe.
The more negative press he gets the better his chances.

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