Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Florida Representatives who voted against the SCHIP bill (expanding insurance coverage for middle class children):
FL-1 Miller, Jeff [R]
FL-4 Crenshaw, Ander [R]
FL-5 Brown-Waite, Virginia [R]
FL-6 Stearns, Clifford [R]
FL-7 Mica, John [R]
FL-8 Keller, Ric [R]
FL-9 Bilirakis, Gus [R]
FL-11 Castor, Kathy [D]
FL-12 Putnam, Adam [R]
FL-14 Mack, Connie [R]
FL-15 Weldon, David [R]
FL-18 Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana [R]
FL-21 Diaz-Balart, Lincoln [R]
FL-24 Feeney, Tom [R]
FL-25 Diaz-Balart, Mario [R]
Please Call today and tell your Representatives to support middle class children.
S-Chip is for Children who's parents make too much money for medicaid, yet make too little to be able to afford a 1000.00 a month health insurance bill.
Call Today :    (202)225-3121   

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