Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Stemberger taking heat over Thompson

Stemberger says he hasn't taken any criticism over Thompson's speech, but he wanted to clarify the matter because people were asking if the Council was endorsing Thompon.
Florida Family Policy Council chief John Stemberger sounds like he's taking some flak for having Fred Thompson keynote the Council's 11/16 gala dinner in Davie. Hence the letter he  sent out clarifying Thompson's gig: "Mr. Thompson is attending our event as a former US Senator and as a well  known actor in the Law & Order television series. He is not participating as a candidate for president and has agreed not to make any mention or reference to his campaign or the election during his time with us.
"Second, Mr. Thompson is helping our organization raise money by appearing at this event at no charge...We need to raise a substantial a substantial amount of money to educate people on the importance of one man, one woman marriage and its benefits to children and the common good of society."
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