Thursday, November 01, 2007

Florida Redistricting Petition

Redistricting Basics
Every ten years the United States conducts a census. The next one will be in 2010. After the data is in, Congress will reapportion its 435 seats among the states and the Florida legislature must readjust Congressional district boundaries to account for shifts in population. At the same time, the legislature will redraw the legislative districts.
Unfortunately, unless we stop them, politicians will use sophisticated computer programs to manipulate the census data to create districts that favor their own political parties and incumbents. Currently, there are no rules that stop the legislators from drawing districts to perpetuate their own power. Not surprisingly, it is almost impossible for challengers to win and incumbents rarely have meaningful opposition. Click here to learn more about redistricting.

Redistricting In Florida
Florida's present system permits politicians to choose their voters, instead of voters choosing their represenataives. The result is bizarrely shaped, uncompetitive districts that senselessly divide Florida's cities, counties and neighborhoods.

Allowing legislators to draw their own districts without any real standards is like having "the fox guard the henhouse." Without opposition and competitive elections, politicians have little incentive to be responsive to their constituents. They see no reason to compromise for the public good. This puts partisan politics ahead of Florida's needs.

It's Time To Act!

Join in restoring a real voice to voters by establishing clear standards for drawing legislative and congressional districts fairly. We need you and everyone you know to sign petitions to create strong, binding rules for the next redistricting that is coming up in 2011.

Lend your support now! Click here to sign the petitions to restore fair, competitive elections in Florida.

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