Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Help Elected A Democrat in District 101

Hello Democratic Activist!

As you may know, there will be a special election occurring next month for State House District 101, which encompasses areas of Collier and Southwest Broward Counties. Our candidate, Linda McDonald, is running against four Republicans in a traditionally Republican district.

The Republican candidates are heavily campaigning in Collier County, thinking that the Broward area voters just won't turn out, but we have to prove them wrong, and we need your club's help in achieving Democratic victory in District 101.

Tallahassee is currently controlled by Republicans as you well know, which makes this race even more important, as every available seat is critical if we want to take back control of the state legislature.

This is why we are asking all Democratic Clubs in Broward County to help us out during this opportunity to win another seat for our party, the Democratic Party. We need volunteers to canvass during the weekend, or to phone bank if they are unable to go out in the streets. By working together, we can be sure of certain victory. But we need all of the Democrats to come out and fight back the Republican onslaught!

Please contact Anthony Joyce, the Broward County Field Director for the Linda McDonald campaign at (954) 536-1330. There is also a website for Linda McDonald at www.lindamcdonald. us

Thank you for your time and we look forward to your support!

Anthony Joyce
Linda McDonald for State Rep. 101
Broward Field Director

Obama V. The Netroots

All might have been forgotten or forgiven between Barack Obama and the netroots over gospel singer/'gay-basher' Donnie McClurkin's appearance at an Obama Columbia, SC, gospel concert 10/28, but the fact that McClurkin emceed the event and reportedly "turned the final half hour of the three-hour concert into a revival meeting" became the last straw for many in the community. Reactions include:
  • AMERICAblog's John Aravosis: "Obama's anti-gay religious right activist used the opportunity Obama gave him last night to preach his hate to thousands of African-Americans. That's just great. And the white preacher who Obama picked to help explain to the audience that gays aren't minions of Satan? CNN reports that he said nothing at all -- just a short little prayer, then he left. ... So, in the end, Obama let his "best" and "favorite" artist slam gays to thousands of African-Americans, in his name, and neither he nor his hand-chosen white gay preacher said anything in response. Class act, that Obama campaign."
  • DailyKos' founder Markos Moulitsas: "It's an all-out implosion by the Obama campaign. This truly is indefensible."
  • Open Left's Matt Stoller: "Obama's not a homophobe, he is probably more comfortable around gay people than any presidential candidate and he has a great record on LGBT rights. It is a significant incident though, because it's about priorities. ... This looks like Obama is giving a wink and a nod to bigots. ... It's not about positions and it never has been about positions, it's about constituencies and identity, and prioritizing your values. And it's not an accident, it's a choice."
  • Atrios: "A fascinating thing about Democratic politics is that progressive activists, especially those in marginalized groups, are expected sit down and shut up and take it because they're supposed to be smart enough to know that nods and winks to bigots are just crass political maneuvers that candidates make to court votes."
  • Fire Dog Lake's Jane Hamsher: "Obama's message of hope and bipartisanship stays positive by letting proxies do his dirty work for him. Sorry, no sale here."
  • Pastor Dan at Daily Kos: "I tried to defend -- or at least recontextualize -- Barack Obama's association with Donnie McClurkin the other day, but the latest revelations are just too much. Clearly, Obama has thrown his lot in with defending a bigoted fathead. I kept hoping that he would take the appropriate steps to distance himself from said bigoted fathead, without much luck. If anything, he's even more tightly wrapped up in McClurkin now."
Obama's campaign did not help their cause by giving MSMers a three-page memo which included the following in all caps: "MCCLURKIN DOES NOT WANT TO CHANGE GAYS AND LESBIANS WHO ARE HAPPY WITH THEIR LIVES AND HAS CRITICIZED CHURCH LEADERS WHO DEMONIZE HOMOSEXUALS." AMERICAblog's John Aravosis responds: "So David Duke's only problem, per the Obama campaign, is that he vilifies the happy Jews and the happy blacks? Keep digging, guys. Obama keeps making clear that he hasn't learned his lesson, he doesn't understand what he did wrong, and he will continue to coddle those who attack our community so long as it wins him votes and money."
The memo even led Open Left's Chris Bowers to stop defending Obama: "This isn't simply a mistake, despite what I first wrote. If the Obama campaign is not only keeping McClurkin as the headliner of the concert, but also issuing memos defending his views, producing videos endorsing McClurkin before the event, and then allowing McClurkin to emcee the event, it is pre-meditated, not a mistake."

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Mayor Naugle: liberal media tried to smear me

Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jim Naugle recently gave NPR's "All Things Considered'' his take on the controversy over his comments about gays:
"There was an attempt from some in the radical homosexual community and their pals over in the liberal media that tried to smear my good name.''naugle150.jpg
Naugle said he never said anything homophobic or hateful or improper or bigoted. He was just trying to protect public parks.
"We're trying to clean up the community,'' he said.
The controversy started when Naugle was quoted saying he uses the term "homosexual'' because "most of them aren't gay. They're unhappy.'' He says gay men frequent public bathrooms for sex.
Broward County tourism chief Nicki Grossman told NPR that she had worried the "tone'' of his statements would hurt gay tourism. But Fort Lauderdale was just named "Best Gay Resort'' by readers of Out Traveler magazine.
Says Grossman, in the Oct. 18 NPR piece: "Police department records do not support the mayor's claims. Period, end of sentence. We've moved on.''
Much speculation has taken place about what Naugle will do when his term ends in spring 2009. He told NPR that he would return to his job as a Realtor.
This right-wing nut job is just trying to hawk for a job as a Rush Limbaugh Wannabe.
The more negative press he gets the better his chances.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Broward's Glasser gets state Democratic honor

Diane Glasser received the Hubert Horatio Humphrey award this weekend from the state Democratic Party.
Glasser has been active in the Broward and Florida Democratic parties for 34 years. She's currently the first vice chairwoman of the state party.
"I've always been a Democrat. I will die as a Democrat," she said.
State Party Chairwoman Karen Thurman, who was challenged at one point for the job by Glasser, called her a "remarkable woman. She works for Democrats 24/7. She's a dynamo."
At 79, Glasser doesn't have any interest in slowing down. She served a single term on the Tamarac city commission in the 1990s, and she is now campaigning for a commission seat in the November 2008 election.
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Friday, October 26, 2007

Where Does the Right-Wing End and the Media Begin?

I had the opportunity to sit down this week with one of America's top economists, Paul Krugman, who of course doubles as an influential op-ed columnist for the New York Times. It's more than a bit surprising when the guy from the New York Times sounds more radical than anyone else in the room, but Krugman and his twice-weekly column have been more consistently surprising and radically different than anything else allowed to appear in the Times (or indeed anywhere else in the so-called "mainstream media") for so long that even Krugman himself no longer seems surprised by the force of his own outrage.
He certainly pulled no punches during our conversation, stating in a forthright manner his opinions on such controversial topics as truth and lies in the newsroom ("The Big Lies are all on the right"), media bias ("A large part of it is in fact right-wing bias, because they are effectively part of the right wing") and corporate pressure ("It's very clear that when the parent companies of the major news sources have issues at stake before the federal government ... this definitely influences the coverage.) Perhaps the fact that he's a tenured professor at Princeton -- and not a professional journalist still on the make -- has freed Krugman to speak truth to naked emperors and Times readers on a biweekly basis.
We spoke at the beginning of a national publicity tour for Krugman's latest book, The Conscience of a Liberal, which ranges over the history of the past century to explain what went wrong in America -- and then attempts to point the way to a "new New Deal." Part of what went wrong with America, of course, was the role played in our democracy by the mass media, as Krugman recognized and parsed in one chapter in his book entitled "Weapons of Mass Distraction."
Rory O' Connor: You speak in your book about "movement conservatism," which you call a "radical new force in American politics that took over the Republican Party." What role if any do the media play in movement conservatism?
Paul Krugman: The media are a very important force in it. They shape perceptions, and they conceal issues. Look at the 2000 presidential campaign, for example, where the media were so heavily biased against Al Gore. That's what brought Bush to within a Supreme Court decision of the White House. So if you look at, certainly these last seven years, the role of the media in not telling you reasons why you should be skeptical about the course of the war, for example, it's enormously important.
We have a situation right now in which there are several major parts of the news media that are for all practical purposes part of "movement conservatism" -- Fox News, the New York Post, the Washington Times -- and in which other news organizations are intimidated, at least to some extent. I sometimes talk about what I call "asymmetrical intimidation." If you say a true but unflattering thing about Bush or in fact about any other prominent conservative, oh, boy! People are going to go after you. I mean, I've got people working full-time going after me, right? But if you say a false, unflattering thing about a Democrat or a progressive, no risk ... And that shapes coverage, no question about it. It's better now, but it's still very asymmetric. The other thing we should mention about the media is their addiction to the trivial. We've got the most substantive election coming up, I think, ever. We've got clear differences on policies between parties. And what are we seeing news stories about? John Edwards' hair and Hillary Clinton's laugh ... this is horrifying! And again -- it's asymmetric. I can think of lots of unflattering things to say about any of the Republican candidates -- Mitt Romney's saying his sons are serving the country by helping him get elected! -- but it doesn't get nearly as much play in the media.
ROC: It sounds like you're saying there's a bias in the media. If you are, what is the bias?
PK: The media's bias, a large part of it is in fact right-wing bias, because they are effectively part of the right wing. Fox News ... there's nothing like Fox News on other television networks that you can look at. There is no liberal equivalent of Fox News, there is no network that, if a conservative got the Nobel Peace Prize, would have responded the way Fox News did to Al Gore's Peace Prize, by first saying nothing at all, then when they figured out the line, talking about how fat he is ... So there's no correspondence there.
Beyond that, there's two things at least; first, the hatred of substance -- they really want to talk about all that trivia -- and there's also the fetish of evenhandedness. If one candidate says something that's completely false, and the other something that's true, the media will say, "Some people believe what that guy said was false, and some people say it was true." Way back in the 2000 campaign, I wrote a piece in which I said that if Bush said the earth was flat, the headline would read: "Opinions Differ on Shape of the Planet." I was thinking specifically about what Bush was saying about taxes and Social Security, which were just out and out lies! But no one would say that, and they still won't. It's better now, a little, but they still won't say it, and that tends -- I imagine in some future environment that might work to the advantage of some dishonest candidates on the left -- but the fact of the matter is the Big Lies are all on the right right now. So it works much more to their advantage.
ROC: Do you think it's possible that economics is driving politics in the media?
PK: The role of economics in driving the media is an interesting one. One question is simply, "Do they respond to what sells?" And to some extent the focus on the trivial is there due to that. And also, by the way, talking heads screaming at each other is a lot cheaper than actually having reporters out in the field doing reporting, so that's one reason why you get that.
I guess the question that you want to ask is, "To what extent is news coverage biased by the corporate interest of the parents?" And that's hard to pin down in any direct way, but one of the interesting things that you notice right now is the remarkable reluctance of some of the networks to follow what the viewer ship numbers seem to be saying. I mean, look at Olbermann's show versus anything else at MSNBC, for example. Why aren't there more programs like that? Why is CNN still trying to be Fox Lite, when you clearly can't outfox Fox and there clearly seems to be a bigger market opportunity on the other side? And you really do start to think that -- there probably aren't, at networks other than Fox, there probably aren't memos saying here is how we are going to slant the news today -- at Fox there are, every day. But there's probably this general sort of pressure to go for the views that won't upset the CEO of the firm that controls the network that has a lot of business interests that are best served by one side or the other ... so yes, this is a problem.
ROC: So deregulation, consolidation and corporate issues like that might affect news coverage?
PK: Oh sure. It's very clear that when the parent companies of the major news sources have issues at stake before the federal government -- and if one party controls the White House and both houses of Congress, and has made it very clear that it keeps lists and remembers who its friend and not-so-friend are -- this definitely influences the coverage. A lot of people I talk to in the media say that they have received pressure in ways that only seem to make sense if you think that at some level management -- not the guys that think about audience shares but the guys who think about broader concerns -- are taking into account the political liabilities. Which is one reason why it is remarkable, although it's still not what I want, that the news coverage has gotten a whole lot better -- funny, no? -- after the polls really turned the other way.
ROC: In your book, you talk about the media's use of "storylines" and what you've called the "Rambofication of history."
PK: Yes, I'm rather proud of the term "Rambofication." In the years immediately following Vietnam, all of this stuff that now seems so much a part of the story -- that we lost the war because we were stabbed in the back, that the "weak" politicians, the Democrats, can't be trusted on national security -- wasn't very much out there. I actually went back and looked at a lot of polling and what people had to say at the time. In 1977, people still remembered what Vietnam had actually been like, and why we needed to get the heck out of there.
It wasn't really until the 1980s that the history began to be re-invented, so if only we'd let Sylvester Stallone flex his muscles, we could have gone back and won the war. The idea of Democrats as "weak" on national security really got invented then -- and you know there were a couple of events that played into that, such as the collapse of the Soviet Union, which I really don't think had much to do with Reagan, but helped make the storyline. So when 9/11 came along, the realities of 9/11 were that the Clinton people had been working pretty hard to try to so something about Bin Laden, and the Bushies said as soon as they came in, "We're not interested, we want to think about a war with China." But the storyline that the media fell into was that, "We're the tough guys, the other guys neglected it." And that gave them a good run -- they won two elections, in '02 and '04, which I think otherwise they would have lost -- by playing on this notion of "We're strong, and they're weak." I guess the sort of good news is that they have done such an incredibly terrible job at all of that that we may have at least a while before all that scare tactic stuff comes back.
ROC: Or we may hear in four years how the Democrats "lost Iraq."
PK: I'm worried, obviously. Clearly, if it's a Democrat who withdraws from Iraq, which it appears likely it will be, then it will be more of the, "We were winning, we were on the edge of victory, then they stabbed us in the back ..."
ROC: "They spit on our soldiers ..."
PK: Yeah, that's amazing, the "spitting on our soldiers" thing -- because it never happened, there are no documented cases -- but it became part of the storyline. Will that happen again? Certainly they'll do their damnedest to make it happen ...
I guess I'm more optimistic about the American public, that it will take a lot more than four years, for us to see that again, because it took more than four years after Vietnam, and right now the American public has a pretty good sense of just what a disaster that's all been ... I think people have made up their minds that this is a disaster. Maybe 10 years from now, they'll have forgotten and be willing to, you know, see movies in which some heroic guy goes back and wins the Iraq war but ... not for a while anyway.
ROC: Well, I'm more of a Mencken disciple when it comes to the American public, but I hope you're right.
PK: I hope I'm right too!

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sen. Charlie Justice Un-Endorsed Gershom Faulkner Because of his stance on Gays

State Sen. Charlie Justice told members of the Suncoast Tiger Bay group Wednesday that he's no longer endorsing Gershom Faulkner's candidacy for St. Petersburg City Council, according to people who were at the monthly lunch gathering.
Justice, D-St. Petersburg, said he withdrew his support after learning of Faulkner's belief that being gay is a "lifestyle" choice, according to Manish K. Mishra, a member of the Stonewall Democrats of Pinellas County who attended the meeting. Justice follows state Reps. Bill Heller and Rick Kriseman, who similarly yanked their endorsements.

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In Florida Sen. Clinton leads Democratic primary with 43 percent

The newest poll from Quinnipiac University:
"Sen. Clinton leads a Democratic primary with 43 percent, down from 51 percent October 10, while Illinois Sen. Barack Obama's 18 percent is little changed. Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards gets 12 percent. "

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Stemberger taking heat over Thompson

Stemberger says he hasn't taken any criticism over Thompson's speech, but he wanted to clarify the matter because people were asking if the Council was endorsing Thompon.
Florida Family Policy Council chief John Stemberger sounds like he's taking some flak for having Fred Thompson keynote the Council's 11/16 gala dinner in Davie. Hence the letter he  sent out clarifying Thompson's gig: "Mr. Thompson is attending our event as a former US Senator and as a well  known actor in the Law & Order television series. He is not participating as a candidate for president and has agreed not to make any mention or reference to his campaign or the election during his time with us.
"Second, Mr. Thompson is helping our organization raise money by appearing at this event at no charge...We need to raise a substantial a substantial amount of money to educate people on the importance of one man, one woman marriage and its benefits to children and the common good of society."
Continue reading "Stemberger taking heat over Thompson" »

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Giuliani Comes To Aid Of Accused Child Molester

From ABC News:
Presidential candidate Rudolph Giuliani hired a Catholic priest to work in his consulting firm months after the priest was accused of sexually molesting two former students and an altar boy and told by the church to stop performing his priestly duties.
The priest, Monsignor Alan Placa, a longtime friend of Giuliani and the priest who officiated at his second wedding to Donna Hanover, continues to work at Giuliani Partners in New York, to the outrage of some of his accusers and victims' groups, which have begun to protest at Giuliani campaign events.
At a campaign appearance in Milwaukee last week, Giuliani continued to defend Placa, who he described to reporters as a close friend for 39 years.

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Entire Town Switches From Republican To Democrat

The entire membership of the all-Republican governing body in Lyndhurst New Jersey will switch from Republican to Democrat tomorrow. Nearly 60% of Lyndhurst's Republican County Committee will become Democrats too.
The party realignment, first reported in PoliticsNJ.com last summer, is far greater in scope than speculated. It represents, perhaps, the most massive shift in Party affiliation of elected and Party officials in a single community in one day. "It's safe to say something like this certainly doesn't happen in politics everyday," said Lyndhurst Mayor Richard DiLascio.
Lyndhurst has long been considered a swing town in general elections over the last twenty years.

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Giuliani Shuts Out Kerik

Refuses to allow connected witnesses:
Rudy Giuliani's law partner has been told to monitor the criminal probe of disgraced ex-NYPD boss Bernard Kerik, which threatens to muddy up the former mayor's bid to become president.
As part of his sensitive assignment, Marc Mukasey has thwarted Kerik's lawyer from interviewing witnesses who might help his defense, sources told The Post yesterday.
Marc Mukasey's task to keep an eye on Kerik's criminal investigation shows Giuliani's concern with how the legal fate of his former NYPD and correction commissioner could affect his presidential campaign, sources said.

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Rep. Elaine Schwartz wants Primary and tax amendement moved to Feb 5th


Rep. Elaine Schwartz (D) Hollywood, has filed a bill that would push back the date of the proposed vote on the constitutional amendment until Feb. 5. Schwartz also wants the presidential primary moved to the same date  a week after Jan. 29th the current date of the primary.
Schwartz maintains that extending the date would give lawmakers more time to work out a deal on property taxes  which right now looks iffy since Senate President Ken Pruitt told senators this morning that they won't be needed in Tallahassee until Thursday at the earliest. But moving the date would also bring Democrats into line with national Democratic rules and thereby preserving Florida's delegates to the national convention.
"Our voters want our voice to be counted,'' said Schwartz in a statement. "We've been marginalized when Florida has had such an enormous impact in general elections. We don't want to be left out of choosing the candidate."
Schwartz acknowledges that there may be "stiff resistance" from the GOP-controlled Legislature to her bill, but said the need for an extension of time is "all too obvious now."

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Anti-Immigraton Sweeping World Wide

It has elected Anti-Immigration candidates in Denmark the Netherlands Canada then in France and now,
Nationalists win big in Swiss election
It may remind people of Germany in 1932
Our GOP have two candidates that are running for president,  just on their anti-Immigration platform, Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo.
Will election 08 be about immigration and not Iraq or Iran?

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GOP Debate Wrapup

Republican Debate:
ABC News' David Chalian, Jan Simmonds, and Christine Byun: "Heated Republican debate focuses on the battle for the true conservative" LINKNew York Times' Katharine Q. Seelye: "Debate Wrap-Up: Everyone vs. Clinton" LINK
New York Times' MICHAEL COOPER and MARC SANTORA: "At Debate, G.O.P. Race Becomes More Personal" LINK
Washington Post's Dan Balz and Michael D. Shear: "Attacks Sharpen Among Party's Principal Rivals" LINK
Associated Press: "Quotes From the GOP Presidential Debate" LINK
Reuters: "Top Republicans defend conservative credentials" LINK
Politico's Jonathan Martin: "Republicans trade blows at fiery debate" LINK
Boston Globe's Michael Kranish: "GOP hopefuls turn up the heat" LINK
Los Angeles Times' Michael Finnegan: "Thompson, Giuliani spar over conservative records" LINK
USA Today's David Jackson: "Republican hopefuls spar over who's the real conservative" LINK
Bloomberg's Catherine Dodge and Nicholas Johnston: "Giuliani, Romney, Thompson Attack Each Other, Clinton in Debate" LINK
Washington Times' Joseph Curl: "GOP debate signals race to the right" LINK
Wall Street Journal's AMY SCHATZ and SUSAN DAVIS: "Clinton Is Focus of Debate" LINK

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Janet Folger: God’s hand was on Huckabee and that he was going to be the next president

While he was clearly the favorite of the social conservatives at the Values Voter Summit, he has been savaged by the ant-tax right wing, including the loony anti-tax Club for Growth, for his supposedly big-spending record as a governor.
Unlike any of the other top-tier candidates, Huckabee had attended the Values Voter Debate in Florida a few weeks back. That event was sponsored by several of the Religious Right's lesser lights. One of them, Janet Folger, declared after Huckabee won that event's straw poll that God had anointed him to lead religious conservatives into the White House. At this summit, Folger was on fire after the former Arkansas governor's Saturday morning speech, telling a reporter in the hallway that God's hand was on Huckabee and that he was going to be the next president.

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Friday, October 19, 2007

David Mixner to speak at Nova Southeastern University

Contact: Anthony Niedwiecki
            Associate Prof. of Law, Director of LSV Program
            Shepard Broad Law Center , Nova Southeastern Univ.
            Email: niedwieckia@nsu.law.nova.edu
            Phone: (954) 262-6206
The second speaker for the Goodwin Series at the law center at Nova Southeastern University is author/activist/political consultant David Mixner who will speak to the public on Thursday, October 25 from 6-7.  A reception where you can meet David Mixner will follow the public presentation.  The speaking event and reception are open to the public and free, and they will both take place at the law center.  David Mixner is likely to speak on a wide range of issues, including the role politics plays in LGBT issues and defining morality, HIV/AIDS issues, and the history of the gay rights movement.  He is known to be an engaging speaker who has been a leading activist in the fight for LGBT equality.  We expect this to be a very interesting and lively discussion.  His biography is posted below.    For directions to the law center at Nova, go to http://www.nova.edu/cwis/campusmaps/maincampus.html

In addition to having David Mixner visit the school next week, we will be hosting an exhibit on LGBT hate crimes, entitled Gay American Heroes.  The exhibit will be in the law library beginning next week.  You can read about the display at http://miamiherald.typepad.com/gaysouthflorida/2007/08/gay-american-he.html

Please mark your calendars for the remaining schedule.
Tuesday November 6, 6-7:  Matt Foreman, Executive Director of the National Lesbian and Gay Task Force
Tuesday November 27, 6-7:  Rev. Gene Robinson, the First Openly Gay Episcopalian Bishop
If you have any questions, please contact Anthony Niedwiecki at niedwieckia@nsu.law.nova.edu or at (954) 262-6206.
Shepard Broad Law Center
Nova Southeastern Univ.
3305 College Ave.
Fort Lauderdale , FL 33314
David Mixner's Biography:

David Mixner has been involved in public life, policy, business and a writer for nearly forty years.  His blog, www.davidmixner.com <http://www.davidmixner.com/>  is one of this year's most visited issue-oriented blogs.

Mr. Mixner is the author of the critically acclaimed memoir Stranger Among Friends and the number one bestseller Brave Journeys.  His screenplay, co-written with Richard Burns,  Dunes of Overveen won the Outfest MTV Award for "Best New Screenplay" and his screenplay, co-written with Dennis Bailey,  Fire in the Soul is being considered by a number of production companies at the moment..  He just finished wth Dennis Bailey a play called  Jacob's Ladder..  Additionally, Mr. Mixner has published numerous articles.  He is Executive Producer on the award-winning documentary called House on Fire which deals with HIV /AIDS in the African American community.

Over the years, Mr. Mixner has worked in over seventy-five campaigns as campaign manager, fundraiser and strategist.  Those campaigns include Clinton for President, Edwards for President, Hart for President, Gephardt for President, McGovern for President, Bradley for Mayor, and Brown for Governor and Senate.  He also has worked on numerous initiative campaigns including No on Six (School Teachers), No on Sixty-four (AIDS Quarantine), and No on Eleven (Energy Tax).

Mr. Mixner has over the years raised over $30 million for candidates and charity organizations and well over $1 million for openly gay and lesbian candidates alone across the country.

Mr. Mixner is currently a successful international public affairs/strategic-planning consultant with an expertise in HIV/AIDS.  He is currently working on projects involving Africa .  In addition, he continues his work fighting HIV/AIDS here in the United States .  

Mr. Mixner has been an unofficial advisor to numerous elected officials on domestic and foreign policy. His reputation as a strategist and implementor is nationally known.  Numerous universities, including Oxford , Harvard, Stanford, UCLA, Princeton , and the London School of Economics, have invited him to lecture. The Sterling Memorial Library at Yale University has recently created the "David B Mixner Collection" of his papers from over forty years.

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Boy Scouts’ rent hiked $199,999 for gay ban

Philadelphia says it can't legally offer reduced rent to discriminatory group

 The city has decided that the Boy Scouts chapter here must pay fair-market rent of $200,000 a year for its city-owned headquarters because it refuses to permit gay Scouts.
The organization's Cradle of Liberty Council, which currently pays $1 a year in rent, must pay the increased amount to remain in its downtown building past May 31, Fairmount Park Commission president Robert N.C. Nix said Wednesday.
City officials say they cannot legally rent taxpayer-owned property for a nominal sum to a private organization that discriminates. The city owns the land and the Beaux Arts building constructed by the Scouts in 1928.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Katherine Harris For Pres. '08 ?

 www.draftkatherineharris.com?? Are you f@#$ing kidding me???

I know that a lot of the right-wing nuts out there are starting to get
online more, but I wouldn't be surprised if this came straight from the
devil herself. I remember reading at one point that she thought she
could be the first women elected President.

Spec. Jason B. Koutroubas


Hometown: Dunnellon, Florida, U.S.
Died: October 14, 2007 in Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Unit: Army, Special Troops Battalion, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, Fort Bliss, Tex.
Incident: Died of injuries suffered in a non-combat related incident in Tal Afar.
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GOP Candidates Diss RNC Fundraiser

The Republican National Committee (RNC) held a fundraising dinner Tuesday night.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and former Sen. Fred Thompson (Tenn.) made brief remarks to a closed-press reception before the dinner began but then left even though they were scheduled to address the dinner.

Rep. Ron Paul (Texas), who was not scheduled to speak, addressed the dinner.

American Scientist Canceled by British Science Museum For Being A Racist and Homophope

Dr James Watson, who won a Nobel Prize in 1962 for his part in discovering the structure of DNA, was due to speak at The British The Science Museum  on Friday.
But the museum has cancelled the event, saying his views went "beyond the point of acceptable debate".
Dr Watson, currently director of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) in New York, has arrived in Britain to promote his latest book.
In an interview with The Sunday Times, the 79-year-old said he was "inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa" because "all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours - whereas all the testing says not really".
He went on to say he hoped everyone was equal but that "people who have to deal with black employees find this is not true".
The scientist has courted controversy in the past, saying that a woman should have the right to abort her unborn child if tests could determine it would be homosexual.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

By The Numbers

Just For Fun Let's Look At The Polling Numbers For '03


Poll Watch - 11/7/03

A Zogby poll asked likely Democrat voters, "If the Democratic primary for president were held today and the candidates were [see below], for whom would you vote?"
Not Sure 34%
Howard Dean 15
Wesley Clark 10
Dick Gephardt 9
Joe Lieberman 9
John Kerry 7
Al Sharpton 4
John Edwards 3
Dennis Kucinich 2
Carol Moseley Braun 2
Other 6
(Zogby America Poll, 558 Likely Democrat Voters Nationwide, Conducted 11/3-5/03, Margin Of Error +/- 4.2%)
Undecided Still Holds A Commanding Lead. A Marist College poll asked Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents, "If the next Democratic presidential primary were held today, whom would you support if the candidates are [list candidates]?"
Undecided 32%
Howard Dean 16
Joseph Lieberman 12
Richard Gephardt 10
John Kerry 9
Wesley Clark 8
Al Sharpton 5
John Edwards 4
Carol Moseley Braun 3
Dennis Kucinich 1
(Marist College Poll, 339 Democrats And Democrat-leaning Independents Nationwide, Conducted 10/27-29/03, Margin Of Error +/- 5.5%)
SOUTH CAROLINA (Primary February 3, 2004)
Kerry Behind Everyone But Kucinich. A poll of registered Democrat voters were asked, "If the South Carolina Democratic Presidential Preference Primary were being held today between [list names, rotate] for whom would you vote?"
Undecided 38%
Wesley Clark 17
John Edwards 10
Joe Lieberman 8
Howard Dean 7
Dick Gephardt 7
Al Sharpton 5
Carol Moseley Braun 5
John Kerry 4
Dennis Kucinich 1
(American Research Group Poll, 600 Registered Democrats And Undeclared Voters, Conducted 10/26-30/03, Margin Of Error +/- 4%)
VERMONT (Primary March 2, 2004)
Few See Clark As Dean Threat. In a poll conducted for CBS Burlington affiliate WCAX, likely voters were asked, "Which Democratic candidate do you think poses the biggest threat to Howard Dean winning the nomination?"
John Kerry 32%
Wesley Clark 15
Richard Gephardt 13
Joe Lieberman 6
John Edwards -
Al Sharpton -
Carol Moseley Braun -
Dennis Kucinich -
(Research 2000 Poll, 400 Likely Voters, Conducted 10/28-30/03, Margin Of Error +/- 5%)
NEW HAMPSHIRE (Primary January 27, 2004)
Undecided In Race With Kerry For Second Place. American Research Group's New Hampshire Poll asked random sample of registered Democrats and undeclared voters, "If the New Hampshire Democratic Presidential Preference Primary were being held today between [list names, rotate], for whom would you vote?"
Howard Dean 38%
John Kerry 24
Undecided 21
Wesley Clark 4
Joe Lieberman 4
John Edwards 4
Dick Gephardt 3
Carol Moseley Braun 1
Dennis Kucinich 1
Al Sharpton 0
(American Research Group Poll, 600 Registered Democrats And Undeclared Voters, Conducted 11/2-5/03, Margin Of Error +/- 4%)
NEW YORK (Primary March 2, 2004)
Sharpton Beats Gephardt, Edwards. A Quinnipiac University poll asked registered Democrat voters, "After I read all nine names, tell me which one you would most like to see the Democrats nominate for president in 2004."
DK/NA 19%
Lieberman 17
Dean 15
Clark 12
Sharpton 11
Kerry 11
Gephardt 9
Edwards 3
Moseley-Braun 3
Kucinich 1
(Quinnipiac University Poll, 483 Registered Democrat Voters, Conducted 11/2-5/03, Margin Of Error +/- 4.5%)
Hillary Holds Dem Hopefuls To Single Digits. The Quinnipiac University poll then asked registered Democrat voters, "Suppose New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton decides to run for president in 2004. Who would you most like to see the Democrats nominate for president in 2004?"
Clinton 48%
Dean 9
Clark 9
Lieberman 8
Kerry 7
Gephardt 6
Sharpton 4
Edwards 1
Kucinich 1
Moseley-Braun -
(Quinnipiac University Poll, 483 Registered Democrat Voters, Conducted 11/2-5/03, Margin Of Error +/- 4.5%)
For more election info about Nov 2003 CLICK HERE 
For a Non Partisan Look At Election '08

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GOP Attacks On Children


Florida Save S-CHIP Today

If your Representative is on the following list, call today and urge him or her to vote YES for health insurance for children in low-income working families. And if you know people in those states, forward this email and ask your friends and colleagues who are constituents to make the call.
Use the toll-free number 1 800-828-0498 set up by Families USA to access the Capitol switchboard, which will connected you to your Representative's office.
 Gus Bilirakis
 Ginny Brown-Waite
 Lincoln Diaz-Balart
 Mario Diaz-Ballard
 Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
Tom Feeney
Rick Keller

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

McConnell Aide Acknowledges Smearing 12 Year Old

    Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's spokesman acknowledged yesterday that he alerted reporters last week to questions bloggers raised about the financial circumstances of a 12-year-old boy Democrats had used to urge passage of an expanded children's health insurance program.
Hours later, he said, he sent two follow-up e-mails waving reporters off.
"Forgive me if I already told you this, but a blogger that I trust (and who hadn't written anything on this issue yet) tells me that after spending a lot of time on this, they now believe there's no story there, that the family is legit," Stewart wrote in one e-mail, according to the text he provided to The Courier-Journal. "So I'm passing that along to the folks I wrote to this morning. Fair is fair."
In the other follow-up e-mail, Stewart wrote, according to the text he provided: "I just heard from a blogger I know who did some research. Says it's not a story, they're the real deal."

High Ranking Military Committing Suicide

The second-highest ranking member of the Air Force's procurement office was found dead of an apparent suicide at his Virginia home Sunday, Air Force and police officials said today.
The official, Charles D. Riechers, 47, came under scrutiny by the Senate Armed Services Committee earlier this month after the Air Force arranged for him to be paid $13,400 a month by a private contractor, Commonwealth Research Institute, while he awaited review from the White House of his appointment as principal deputy assistant secretary for acquisition. He was appointed to the job in January. ...
The Air Force has disputed The Post's portrayal of Mr. Riechers's role and said in a statement today that he was "employed in a scientific and engineering technical assistance capacity to the Air Force and made recommendations that were instrumental in engineering our acquisition transformation and continuing the Air Force's modernization of our aging fleet."
Specifically, the Air Force said that Mr. Riechers, a retired Air Force officer and master navigator, provided technical advice on several programs including converting commercial aircraft to military using and modernizing the C-130 transport plane. Loren Thompson, an expert on the military at The Lexington Institute said it was unclear whether Mr. Riechers's suicide had anything to do with the inquiry. However, he said that Mr. Riechers's death would cast a further shadow over the Pentagon's beleaguered procurement system.
This is the second high ranking military offical to committ suicide in 2 years.
suicide of Col. Ted Westhusing, as reported in the Los Angeles Times, resonates with loss, tragedy, and meaning. He was a professional ethicist, specializing in the concept of a soldier's honor, who was assigned to supervise a civilian military contractor in Iraq. Col. Westhusing saw everything he believed in trashed by civilian leadership that understood neither ethics nor honor, under a Republican government that disrespects and mistreats its military. Sound like a facile interpretation? Then listen to the facts.
Westhusing, reports the Times, "was one of the Army's leading scholars of military ethics ... His dissertation (for a Ph.D. in philosophy) was an extended meditation on the meaning of honor." Once in Iraq, Westhusing received an anonymous complaint that the contractor he oversaw, USIS, had been cheating the government - and that it concealed gross human rights violations to protect its contracts.
Writes the Times:
"In e-mails to his family, Westhusing seemed especially upset by one conclusion he had reached: that traditional military values such as duty, honor and country had been replaced by profit motives in Iraq, where the U.S. had come to rely heavily on contractors for jobs once done by the military."
But then, it comes from the top, doesn't it? Dick Cheney still holds that infamous Halliburton stock, and the scandal-plague contractor still pays him a six-figure income. Halliburton employees have been found guilty of fraud in Iraq, fraud investigations against the company itself are ongoing, waste and mismanagement are rampant -- and meanwhile Cheney challenges others ... on ethics. Irony is not supposed to be a great soldier's strong suit.
Col. Westhusing's devotion to the military and its mission seemingly had no place in the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld Pentagon. In fact, a military psychologist made his ethical stature and devotion to honor sound like a mental disorder. "Despite his intelligence, his ability to grasp the idea that profit is an important goal for people in the private sector was surprisingly limited," wrote Lt. Col. Lisa Breitenbach, reducing a lifetime of integrity to a clinical dysfunction. Shades of the USSR ...
And yet ... no wonder Lt. Col. Breitenbach saw Col. Westhusing's values as a medical condition. His commitment to completing the mission - to serving the country over making a profit -shows a notable detachment from the reality that is today's Pentagon. Sen. Patrick Leahy's attempts to pass a law preventing excess corporate war profiteering and fraud has been blocked by Republicans for several years now - with the aid and support of Sen. McCain and the other "mavericks" in the GOP.
Coincidentally, the Times article on Col. Westhusing's death was published during the same week that an amateur video was released showing military contractors' employees apparently killing Iraqi civilians at random. The video, which appears to have been filmed and assembled by the perpetrators, shows a variety of "gross human rights violations" being conducted while the Elvis Presley version of "Mystery Train" plays in the background.
The Administration supporters who rush to their defense when its war crimes are pointed out- as I did here - usually say "There you go again, Mr. Liberal, accusing the military of war crimes." Let me say it again: I don't accuse the military of these crimes, but their leadership. Time and time again these leaders order soldiers to do what is wrong, then turn on their own troops and accuse them of crimes when it becomes public.
This week's case in point: The burning of Muslim bodies - a violation of Islamic law - followed by a propaganda broadcast. This was clearly a psy-ops operation, albeit a clumsy one. Or are we to believe that they just happened to burn the bodies, because it was hot outside, and then just happened to broadcast the fact - in Arabic? To cover their own asses, the top brass issued reprimands to the soldiers who were following their orders. Rather than maintain silence, once again this Administration turned on America's men and women in uniform - and blamed the rank and file for their own bad decisions.
Great men and women like Ted Westhusing have dedicated themselves to the defense of this country, only to see the military they love treated like an ATM by greedy non-combatants like Dick Cheney - and as a fantasy camp for draft dodgers like G. W. Bush.
Each suicide is a unique tragedy. A depressed person - and Col. Westhusing's sleep disruptions and loss of weight are consistent with severe depression - collapses into his or her own soul, becoming a black hole from which at last no light can escape. There is always more to the story than any outsider can ever know. Ted Westhusing - soldier, Catholic, intellectual, human being - deserves more than any news report or essay can give.
As in "The Souls of Soldiers," when good people are ordered to do bad things they - as well as their victims - are made to suffer. For those who see the wrong being done and cannot stop it, there is yet more suffering. For Col. Westhusing, the suffering is over. He stood for something Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Rice will never understand: Honor. May he rest in peace.

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Randi Rhodes was Attacked on Sunday Night


AAR's official blogger, Nancy Scola, posted the following message on the website this morning:Air America host Randi Rhodes experienced an unfortunate incident hindering her from hosting her show. The reports of a presumed hate crime are unfounded. Ms. Rhodes looks forward to being back on the air on Thursday.


Morning talk host, Lionel filled in for Rhodes on Monday, but did not say anything about why she wasn’t on hand to do her show. The Randi Rhodes board reports that Sam Seder, who does a Sunday afternoon show for AAR, will be filling on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Elliott was extremely agitated when he reported on the incident. He opened his show by saying "it is with sadness that tonight I inform you that my Air America colleague Randi Rhodes was assaulted last night while walking her dog near her New York City home.
"Pointing out that Rhodes was wearing a jogging suit and displayed no purse or jewelry, Elliott speculated that "this does not appear to me to be a standard grab the money and run mugging.""Is this an attempt by the right wing hate machine to silence one of our own," he asked. "Are we threatening them. Are they afraid that we're winning. Are they trying to silence intimidate us."Some of blog posters also expressed concerns that the attack on Rhodes was hate crime.
Other posters warned that we need more facts before any judgements are made.According to Elliott, Rhodes was resting in her New York City apartment and was not hospitalized.

Randi Rhodes was attacked on Sunday night on 39th Street and Park Ave, nearby her Manhattan apartment, while she was walking her dog Simon.

According to Air America Radio late night host Jon Elliott, Rhodes was beaten up pretty badly, losing several teeth and will probably be off the air for at least the rest of the week. At of late Monday night we have not able to locate any press accounts of the attack and nothing has been posted on the AAR website.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Giuliani's Bad Radios Responsible for Mayhem on 9/11

This post, written by Robert Greenwald, originally appeared on The Real Rudy
Rudy Giuliani is running for office on how he handled 9/11 and here we have proof positive that firemen were killed because his administration did not fix the long-standing (since 1993!) problems with the radios.
This BNF investigative report calls attention to four key questions about Rudy's handling of the broken radios from firemen's families and experts:
* Why was nothing done to improve NYFD radio performance for seven years after a clear need was demonstrated in the 1993 World Trade Center attack?
* When new radios were finally ordered, why did the city block other companies besides Motorola from bidding on the contract?
* Once Motorola was given the contract, why did its cost jump from $1.4 million to $14 million?
* Why were these new radios never tested?
These questions should and must be investigated. New York City councilman Eric Gioia has the power to begin an investigation. If we can garner enough attention and signers, we have a major opportunity to help launch an investigation.

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GOP County Chair Charged With Fondling Underage Boy

This post, written by Pam Spaulding, originally appeared on Pandagon
Here we go again. The party of family values really needs to do a lot of housecleaning; it seems to be up to 2-3 pervs a week that turn up in the headlines.
The chairman of the Republican Party in Brown County faces criminal charges for allegedly fondling a 16-year-old Ethan House runaway and providing the boy with beer and marijuana late last year.
Donald Fleischman, 37, of Allouez, was charged last month with two counts of child enticement, two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a child and a single charge of exposing himself to a child.
The WisPolitics Courtwatch blog has even more details of this sordid story and has a copy of the criminal complaint (PDF).
Fleischman allegedly allowed at least two 16-year-old boys to stay at his house and told one of them he could "smoke pot and drink alcohol" at his house and not have to worry about anything, according to the criminal complaint.
...The boys lived at home for at-risk youth receiving court-ordered treatment that is located across the street from Fleischman's house. Fleischman allegedly offered the boys marijuana, and one of the juveniles alleged that Fleischman said he could stay at his house if he ever ran away.
One of the victims said Fleischman allegedly told him "it would be cool for him to have two 16-year-old roommates and he stated he would even do their laundry for them."

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Merle Haggard Endorses Clinton

Merle Haggard is now a Hillary & Bill Clinton promoter. He says he hasn't changed, but he just knows more than he used to; and "Fear's the only issue the Republican Party has." If they've lost Merle Haggard ... He also wrote a campaign song for Hillary.

Gore Wins Nobel, NY Times Slights Him

So Al Gore wins the Nobel Peace Prize yesterday for his years of work on global climate change, and what does The New York Times decide to do? Representative of the most shameless type of "Fair and Balanced" reporting, made popular by Fox News and long de rigeur in our mainstream press, The Times very prominently placed reader comments on its front page - specifically, in sets of two directly beneath photos of Mr. Gore, giving two sides to an issue on which the scientific community has already reached a consensus: man has, and is, contributing to the warming of the planet and we must take substantive action before it's too late.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Spec. Adam D. Quinn

Hometown: Orange City, Florida, U.S.

Died: October 6, 2007 in Operation Enduring Freedom.

Unit: Army, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, N.C

Incident: Killed by a makeshift bomb that detonated near his vehicle in Bagram, Afghanistan.

Related Links:

Soldier dies in Bagram (Edmond Sun, Okla., Oct. 10, 2007)

Al Gore wins 2007 Nobel Peace Prize

 Al Gore wins 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for work on global warming,
sharing award with the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
Aide says prize will not affect Gore's calculations about new White House run.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pres. Carter: ''I don't think US Using Torture, I Know It''

Sen. Mitch McConnell Behind Terrorizing 12 Year Old

Mounting evidence suggests that the right-wing smear campaign may have been orchestrated by a staffer in Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's (R-KY) office.

First, ABC News reported earlier this week that a staffer in Sen. Harry Reid's (D-NV) office received an email that was not intended for him. The email from a "Senate Republican leadership aide" showed the minority leader's office was intently tracking the smear campaign well before it had gained widespread attention.
Christy Hardin Smith writes, "Is anyone in the media going to actually dig into this and find out how involved the McConnell oppo shop has been in all of this?"
Republican congressional offices say they had nothing to do with the investigative reporting work of the conservative bloggers. But at the same time, they did nothing to distance themselves from the byproduct of that work. 'We're clearly going to promote the truth and show Democrats didn't do their research' into whether the Frost family should be receiving subsidized health care, said one Senate GOP aide. 'We're going to ride this story.'"

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Clinton Leads in Swing States

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GOP, Lord's Of Loud Attack 12 Year Old Recipient Of S-Chip

12-year-old Graeme Frost, who along with a younger sister relied on the program for treatment of severe brain injuries suffered in a car crash, to give the response to Mr. Bush's weekly radio address on Sept. 29, Republican opponents quickly accused them of exploiting the boy to score political points.
 Graeme and his family have been attacked by conservative bloggers and other critics of the Democrats' plan to expand the insurance program, known as S-chip. They scrutinized the family's income and assets — even alleged the counters in their kitchen to be granite — and declared that the Frosts did not seem needy enough for government benefits.

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