Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another Democratic Victory: FL House 32

Tony Sasso wins House seat for Democrats by 400 votes.
Election Night Speech from Tony Sasso
Former Representative Bob Allen was arrested for soliciting sex with a male undercover officer in a restroom at a public park. He was convicted and forced to resign. The Special Election to fill his unexpired term in Tallahassee was Tuesday.
Florida House District 32 covers the area of Orange County east of the city of Orlando and a bunch of northern Brevard County including the Kennedy Space Center area.


District 32 is plurality Republican (44%R, 35%D).

Campbell outspent Sasso by over 2 to 1, including a personal loan of $25,000 to his campaign. So, Campbell had the District registration edge, an over 2:1 money edge, and yet Tony Sasso is Florida's newest member of the State House. Tony won by 400 votes out of 22,000 cast.
Tony joins two other Central Florida Democrats who have recently won Republican seats. Scott Randolph represents District 36, and took his seat from an incumbent Republican in the 2006 election. And Darren Soto represents District 49, winning a Special Election in April of 2007.
From The FDP:

"Tony Sasso's victory proves that the quality of a candidate and the solutions that one presents are more important than money and deceptive attack politics," Florida Democratic Party Chairwoman Karen L. Thurman said. "The voters' decision to elect Tony Sasso is another nail in the coffin of the failed policies that resulted in the Republican recession Florida faces today. The people clearly want change, and Democrats are ready to deliver a new direction for our state."
This is the ninth State House district where voters who had previously elected a Republican chose a Democrat to represent them in Tallahassee since 2006 - the biggest two-year gain in Florida Democratic Party history.

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