Friday, February 15, 2008

Change Is Coming....................

News jumps at us and appears right in our faces. Major news sources and Internet news sites feed us the news minute by minute. It flashes on our personal computers and Black Berry's. Something may happen in Kansas, Atlanta, Chicago, etc. and we have the details within minutes. We see it raw and there is no time to massage it or spin for political purposes. The truth is being told straight up and that is a very good thing.
Likewise, we can communicate to the masses at the speed of thought. We have databases, blogs and websites that everyone within earshot of our messages, views and comments.
What formerly would take about a year to organize can be done now within weeks if not days. It makes an organized group or campaign effective anywhere in the nation.
The Obama Campaign is showing this. Whether it is Idaho or Southside Chicago the team is there. As Senator Obama has recently claimed, "whether it is North, South or places in between we are there," and right he is. People who have been in political campaigns for decades find themselves lagging far behind in organization and fundraising versus this new style. Even Ron Paul,  with his fledgling group can out raise all other Republican candidates.
I haven't bought a daily newspaper in a decade. The news flashes before my computer screen free of charges and multiple times each day. Google even sends me news flashes about "my favorite poilitical topic" a few times a day. We even have some of our own writings that gets out there in the "blogosphere".
The current presidential campaigns are proof positive that people are insisting on "Change". The routine same 'ol, same 'ol technique is not gong to be tolerated anymore.
The same group of people interested in a national campaign is now being minimalized by an ever growing group of newcomers who demand excellence and improvement.
The Obama Campaign has inspired millions to get into this game of politics. It is changing the standards immensely and ever so quickly. His competitors have had to quickly change their themes, focus and strategies.
He has them off their game and he is progressively benefiting from it. His campaign is upsetting the status quo and all of a sudden we have a new populace jumping into the fray. Whether it is Georgia, Louisiana, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Illinois, Washington, the campaign is gaining steam at all demographics. It is historical and the political experts are baffled.
Understanding the term "Change" gives one a great advantage. The Obama Campaign understands this and he, in a very cool manner, is leading the charge for "Change". He brings to the voting booths new people interested in getting into the system and changing it for good.  "It's hard to stop a movement." You can just go ask Donnie Fowler of South Carolina, a DNC Chair wannabe. The force of change stoped his driving train for the leadership of the Democratic Party. 
We haven't seen anything like it since the Kennedy/Nixon election in 1960. It was the energized youth that gave Kennedy that narrow victory. If Obama pulls this off it will be the new forces he encouraged to get into his camp. They are inspired, energized and working places that have never been worked before. He understands this and the others are still trying to figure it out.
When people ask, "What has Obama ever done?" all they will be able to say "He organized this campaign." There hasn't been anything like it in many decades. Whether he wins or not the effort is one of vision and excellence. Leaders have the ability to notice "Change" when the timing is right. Those who do not recognize it enter into the category of "out dated". "Out dated" never wins. So from the County level to the precinct level folks better be a changing, or just get out of the way,  you are going to get ran over. 

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