Sunday, February 24, 2008

Texas GOP Urged to vote for Obama

E-mail to send to Texas Republicans
Attention All Texas Republicans and Independents!!
On March 4th, Texas Republicans and Independents will have an opportunity to end Hillary Clinton's (and Bill's) presidential ambitions once and for all!
Since Texas has on open primary, Republicans and Independents should sign in at their polling place and request a Democratic ballot. They should then vote for Barack Obama. Even James Carville admits that if Hillary loses Texas, "she's done!" Republicans can help make this a reality!!! Just think, no more Clintons in the White House!
Voting Democratic this one time will have NO effect on your ability to vote in the next Republican primary or obviously on your vote in November. Since John McCain has the Republican nomination locked up, voting for McCain or Huckabee at this point will have no effect on the outcome on the Republican side.
After you vote during early voting or on March 4th, you ARE NOT done! Report back to your regular polling place at 7PM on March 4th to sign the Barack Obama list for caucus delegates. In a little known Texas voting quirk, 67 delegates to the Democratic convention will be seated because of these caucuses. This is a full one-third of the total number of Texas delegates. For Hillary to lose, she has to lose the primary votes AND the caucus votes.
I urge you to vote against Hillary Clinton by voting for Barack Obama. Please forward this e-mail to all your Texas Republican and Independent friends so that we can help ensure the Clinton's defeat on March 4th!!!
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Anonymous said...

What about the fact that Clinton and Obama are most likely running on the same ticket?Which means with your logic we would most likely have her as a VP 4-8yrs and then President 4-8yrs.The best strategical vote would be to vote for her to keep this thing going as long as possible on their side,hoping that they will tear each other apart by the time of the convention,thus making both of them easier for McCain.My guess is that you are not a Republican,but an Obama supporter trying to play on Republican hatred of the Clinton's.Is this accurate?