Sunday, March 16, 2008

Obama's Minister Problem Part II

I'm not a supporter of Barack Obama. However, I am a Democrat and know what he's done for this party during the primary season. I saw his talent live at the Democratic convention, which moved me and no doubt many of you. I respect his gifts as an orator, and he's obviously a very bright man and gifted politician. I've had many issues with his campaign and the candidate over this season. However, none are as serious as what has developed over Rev. Wright.
Barack Obama wants me and everyone else to believe that even though he and Wright discussed distancing the reverend from the campaign at some point, that Obama didn't know the incendiary nature of Rev. Wright's religious disposition. Not just his sermons, but his religious philosophy. Larry Johnson asks Senator Obama, do words matter? The answer through Wright is a revelation. As a man of faith my whole life, I find what Barack Obama is telling us about not hearing Wright's incendiary passion incomprehensible. His interviews across cable Friday night was a  farce.
A Obama Supporter responds
... .. But Barack now claims he never heard about any of this until after he began his run for the presidency, in February, 20007.
And even if Barack is correct - and I desperately want to believe him - then it still does not explain why, when he learned in 2007 of Wright's fringe comments about 9/11 and other subjects, the campaign did not then disassociate itself from the Reverend. Wright was not removed from the campaign's Spiritual Advisory Committee until two days ago, and it appears likely that nothing would have been done had this story not broken nationally.
Come on, Barack. I'm backing you because you are not 'one of them.' You have inspired me and millions of others because you are not a typical politician. You tell it like it is, don't fudge the facts, and don't dodge and weave with clever words to avoid uncomfortable truths.
Tell it straight. Was Reverend Wright so radical that his post 9/11 comments did not cause a stir at the Church, and you never learned about them until 2007, nearly 6 years later? Why, when you did learn about them, did you not ask Revered Wright to step down from his role in your campaign?
Give us the plain truth. You won't lose us by being brutally honest. You only risk shaking our faith in you if you seem like so many other politicians that crowd the field.

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