Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Florida Voter Protection Laws in a Nutshell

Available now on Advancement Project's website is the revised 2008 "Florida Voter Protection Laws in a Nutshell" publication. Advancement Project produces these publications as a way to distill complex election law for lawyers, advocates, voter registration campaigns and "Get Out the Vote" campaigns. They combine state election law with state regulations, rules, attorney general opinions, and other election materials to provide a comprehensive interpretation of the law and practices that impact elections. While these publications do not cover every provision of state election law, they highlight those provisions which, in our experience, have most impacted the voting rights of minority voters.
Advancement Project publishes these nutshells with local law firms and lawyers as part of our Voter Protection Program. We encourage our partners to use these legal guides in support of local, on the ground voter protection efforts in advance of Election Day.

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