Sunday, April 06, 2008

Florida's Votes Counting

Party Elects 27 Leadership Delegates
On Track for Most Diverse Convention Delegation in History
The Florida Democratic Party State Executive Committee Satuday elected a diverse slate of 27 party leaders and elected officials for the Democratic National Convention.
Of the 27, three will go to the Convention not pledged to a candidate: Florida Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink, Senate Democratic Leader Steve Geller and House Democratic Leader Dan Gelber. The other 24 were allocated based on the statewide results from the January 29th Presidential Primary: 14 pledged to U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton and 10 pledged to U.S. Sen. Barack Obama.
In May, the delegation will be completed with 40 at-large delegates. In March, 121 delegates were elected at the Congressional District-Level. Florida has 23 unpledged delegates ("superdelegates") - 13 Members of the Democratic National Committee and 10 Democratic members of Congress.
"We're on track to send Florida's most diverse Democratic National Convention delegation in history," Florida Democratic Party Chairwoman Karen L. Thurman. "Though some of us support Barack Obama and some of us support Hillary Clinton, the unity today among Democratic leaders from every corner of the state was palpable."
"From my own Hamilton County all the way down to Miami-Dade, we're building our infrastructure and expanding the Democratic Party," said Hamilton County Democratic Party Chair Rhett Bullard, who was elected with the highest vote total of any candidate. "Regardless of where you live in Florida, there's a place for you in the Florida Democratic Party."
Following is the full list of the 27 delegates elected today:
Unpledged "Add-on" Delegates
Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink (Hillsborough)
Senate Democratic Leader Steve Geller (Broward)
House Democratic Leader Dan Gelber (Miami-Dade)

Pledged Clinton Delegates
County Commissioner Burt Aaronson (Palm Beach)
County Party Chairman Bret Berlin (Miami-Dade)
County Party Chairman Rhett Bullard (Hamilton)
Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer (Orange)
State Party Vice-Chair & State Rep. Luis Garcia (Miami-Dade)
County Party Leader Lori Ann Glasser (Broward)
County School Board Member Kathleen "Kat" Gordon (Orange)
County Commissioner Sally Heyman (Miami-Dade)
Parkland Vice-Mayor Jared Moskowitz (Broward)
County GLBTA Democratic Caucus President Sally Phillips (Hillsborough)
State Sen. Nan Rich (Broward)
County Commissioner Katy Sorenson (Miami-Dade)
County Commissioner Diana Wasserman-Rubin (Broward)
Precinct Captain Frank Williams (Leon)

Pledged Obama Delegates
County GLBT Democratic Caucus President Chip Arndt (Miami-Dade)
County Party Chairman Travis Bridges (Duval)
Tampa City Councilman John Dingfelder (Hillsborough)
County Caribbean Democratic Caucus President Evelyn Garcia (Palm Beach)
State Sen. Anthony "Tony" Hill (Duval)
County Vice-Chair Wes McCarville (Brevard)
County Young Democrats President Florence "Flomo" Moss (Miami-Dade)
County Party Chairwoman Judy Mount (Jackson)
State Rep. Geraldine Thompson (Orange)
Senate Democratic Leader Pro Tempore Frederica Wilson (Miami-Dade)

Michigan and Florida count and so do the voters in both of these states.Does anyone think Clinton can win the nomination without counting the voters of Michigan and Florida? Think again. Obama knows this all too well. "Some say their votes should be ignored and the popular vote in Michigan and Florida should be discounted. Well, I have a different view," Clinton said at a rally here. "The popular vote in Florida and Michigan has already been counted. It was determined by election results, it was certified by election officials in each state, it's been officially tallied by the secretary of state in each state, and the question is whether those 2.3 million Democrats will be honored and their delegates seated by the Democratic party." Clinton Ramps Up Call to Count Fla, MichThe Obama campaign wants a 50/50 split in Michigan, which isn't going to cut it.

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