Thursday, April 24, 2008


Republican Governor Charlie Crist voices opposition of House Health Insurance Plan
"Crist was particularly critical of the House's plan to create Florida Health Choices Inc., a public-private corporation that would administer scaled-down health plans for small businesses." [Palm Beach Post, 4/18/08]
"The House approach, opposed by Crist, would create a so-called "farmers' marketplace" of insurance options -- with the industry setting coverage limits -- that would be available to uninsured workers only through their employers." [Orlando Sentinel Blog, 4/17/08]
Senate unanimously passes Gov. Crist's Cover Florida Plan
"It [SB 2548] passed the Senate unanimously but has been blocked by the more-conservative
House, which is advancing a more insurance-industry- friendly proposal." [Orlando Sentinel, 4/21/08]
"Crist said the corporation, which would be similar to the state's HealthyKids Corp., could add 'another layer in between the people getting the opportunity to get health coverage as soon as possible." [Palm Beach Post, 4/18/08]
"A unanimous nod from the Florida Senate on Wednesday brought Gov. Charlie Crist closer to his goal of offering health insurance to uninsured Floridians." [St. Petersburg Times, 4/17/08]
"At a news conference with medical experts, Gov. Charlie Crist on Thursday emphasized the need for the House to follow the Senate's lead and pass his plan for a "market-driven" approach to finding affordable health coverage for the uninsured." [St. Petersburg Times Blog, 4/17/08]
House Democrats join Senate in supporting Governor Crist's Cover Florida Plan
"Crist's champions were not his fellow Republicans but Democrats, chiefly Reps. Loranne
Ausley and Jack Seiler." [St. Petersburg Times Blog, 4/17/08]

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