Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Why Obama Should Drop Out Now

The PA primary demonstrates that the Jeremiah Wright controversy badly hurt Obama. Contrary to the finger wagging New York Times editorial, "The Low Road to Victory," blaming Hillary for daring to wage a winning campaign in Pennsylvania, Obama was undercut mainly by his own severe problems, especially his 20 year relationship with Wright.
We now know that Obama's Philadelphia speech on race in which he refused to disown Wright was not as the media touted a fabulous success but instead a crashing disaster.
Obama's Wright relationship has permanently alienated white working class voters, Catholics and Jews, among others. And the Republicans know it and are preparing for it.
A new 30 second video produced by a shadowy Republican group, which only contains factual footage, no commentary at all, is headed like a torpedo toward the Democratic Party is it nominates Obama. Every superdelegate should watch this video and explain why they would want every Democrat to bear this burden.

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