Friday, May 16, 2008

Broward Democratic Party launches new commercial

Help us run "Touchscreen" on cable TV!

Dear Fellow Democrat,
As you know, in the last year, we have initiated new projects, such as this website, to draw new people into the party. 
The newest phase of this marketing plan is a Cable TV campaign designed to remind people we have a new paper trail this August, and get them to join up on this site.  (You may view the ad below.)
If you like the commercial, please help us raise the money to air it.  Make a contribution today by clicking here (or on the green contribution button on the left).
We want to raise at least $25,000 by August 1.   Help us get there by making a contribution to the party today! 

Support this commercial - Click here.

-Mitch Ceasar
Democratic Chairman

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1 comment:

TrumanDem said...

Very nice ad Mr. Ceasar. You managed to crystalize the dubious voting practices by the GOP into one nice visualization that is not easily forgotten.

Please keep up the good work. We'll be following Broward County as a bellweather county for the state in the general election this year at Truman's Conscience. Drop in sometime and see what we are saying about you. Trust me, its all good.


Truman's Conscience
"The Buck Stopped Here"