Sunday, June 01, 2008

Special Ring Report: DNC Votes to Restore Florida Delegates

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Yesterday the rules committee of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) voted unanimously to restore Florida's delegates. They did however penalize the state with providing each delegate a ½ vote at the democratic convention in Denver later this year. The decision gives Senator Hillary Clinton an additional 19 delegates from the state of Florida.

While we maintain the proper decision would have been to provide each delegate with a full vote, we are nevertheless supportive of the will of the committee and recognize that the time to put inter-party bickering behind us is now, and we must be unified in support of the eventual Democratic nominee for November. We also call for the nominee to restore Florida's vote entirely by the Denver convention.

As many know by now, the decision to move Florida's primary forward was due to the need to have candidates campaigning on issues relevant to Floridians. Unfortunately, many of the most pressing issues we face daily cannot be easily addressed from Tallahassee.
  • Only Washington can ease the burden of the "No Child Left Behind Act", that has harmed public education, not helped;
  • Only Washington can repeal the Medicare Part "D" prescription drug plan, which disallows government from negotiating with pharmaceutical companies directly to provide the lowest possible drug costs for our seniors;
  • Only Washington can truly provide a long-term fix to our insurance crisis by creating a national catastrophic fund to reduce the high cost of wind insurance Floridians are forced to pay.
It remains puzzling that candidates spend close to two years campaigning in Iowa and New Hampshire discussing issues relevant to those states. Neither Iowa nor New Hampshire includes the broad representation that Florida provides. Being a cultural melting pot, Florida best represents the nation's population and therefore should have tremendous relevancy in the primary process. I truly hope that by 2012, the current presidential primary system is updated to be more fair and inclusive.

I also take this opportunity to call on Congress to overhaul the nation's entire election process. Our current system is too complicated. It's impossible to define super-delegates vs. regular delegates, Electoral College vs. popular vote, electronic voting machines vs. verifiable paper trails, the timing of primaries and the weighting of delegates. We as a nation deserve and must demand a more streamlined election process where the statement of "One Person One Vote" is unconditional.

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