Wednesday, July 23, 2008

CBS Covers Up MCcain's Major Gaffe

Gaffes Happen may soon become the official McCain campaign teeshirt. They should be careful what they wish for as McCain will be getting more news coverage than they might care for with his latest gaffe.
Politicians put their foot in their mouth on a regular basis. Sometimes it may be the result of long hours on the campaign trail, sometimes because they simply can't keep their facts straight and sometimes because they can't keep their lies straight. Sometimes it's simply because they do not understand the facts.
Couric/McCain Interview:
Countdown with Keith Olbermann reports:

Senator John McCain... Now staking his candidacy entirely on the surge. Entirely on his claim that he believed in the need for a surge of U-S forces in Iraq ... even before President Bush did. Tonight has proven that he does not understand one of the fundamental facts about it.


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