Saturday, August 30, 2008

Amendment 2 "Too Close To Call"

That was the headline yesterday in the Tallahassee Democrat and other Florida papers about the news that the most recent public poll shows the race to defeat Amendment 2 "too close to call."

You can read coverage of the new Mason-Dixon Florida poll here ( ).

Even our opponents – the Amendment sponsors – agree with the assessment that, "the defense-of-marriage amendment is on the statistical cusp of passage or defeat." Amendment sponsor John Stemberger said, "It demonstrates this is going to be a very, very close election."

That's why we need your help today to make sure we're ready in the last few days to win the votes we need!

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On Tuesday, the Broward County Commission unanimously and officially said "NO" to Amendment 2! Broward County residents are just of the more than five millions Floridians who could lose benefits and basic legal protections if Amendment 2 passes.

Broward County's official opposition to Amendment 2 adds to a growing list which includes The League of Women Voters, City of Miami Beach, Florida's Firefighters and Teachers and more than 200 community leaders and elected officials. To see the list of Florida leaders and groups who SayNo2, click here.

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