Friday, August 08, 2008

Paul Renneisen supports Amentment 2

 Paul Renneisen (Paul Francis Renneisen) (the man who is running against Ron Klein) along with his wife and one of his sons, signed the petition to put Amendment 2 on the ballot in the state of Florida. Please check
Banner is an interesting website run by Christ Church of Peace that lets you search for names of people who signed the Florida marriage amendment petition. From the site:

Who Signed the Petition?

The names and addresses posted here were collected by as part of the citizens initiative petition process and have been verified by each individual Florida County Supervisor of Elections. They are part of the public record.
Christ Church of Peace presents this data as it was provided by the individual Florida county Supervisors of Elections. We are not responsible or liable for the correctness of the list's content including correct spelling, correct or current corresponding addresses, or authenticity.

Click here to search whether your neighbors signed the petition

1 comment:

Paul Renneisen said...

Ron, You well know that turnout works both ways. GLBT voters MUST turnout and vote on amendment 2. On that turnout we bring Senator Obama the victory he has earned. On this wave we can elect many GLBT endorsed candidates. But to suggest "put" on the ballot to be "support" is a stretch. See your title.

I see GLBT members at my work place that are still hesitant to vote for various reasons. What is it going to take to get them out for GLBT candidates if not amendment 2?

United we stand, divided we fall. It is time to get on board.

For Peace and Prosperity,

Paul F Renneisen

PS: My issues page has been clear on giving GLBT a flat tax option that takes marriage out of the code by choice. No discrimination.
It has been there all along. No mention of that? See: