Thursday, September 18, 2008



We need outgoing, bright, and articulate individuals to go door-to-door and talk about issues like health care, job security and the war in Iraq.

Build your resume while improving leadership skills and knowledge of progressive campaigning.

Position Description:
Canvassers will be part of a dynamic team that engages people in their neighborhoods, makes phone calls and attends community events. Team members will discuss the important issues facing our community, inform people about the election and ballot initiatives, register and encourage people to vote and encourage them to join our organization. Canvassers will have the opportunity to take on leadership positions during the campaign.

Position Duties:
• Participate in neighborhood canvasses and phone banks, educating the public, registering voters and expanding organization's membership.
• Participate in staff meetings and trainings
• Assist in training and coordination of volunteers
• Other duties as assigned by the campaign director

What to expect:
• A fun, challenging and diverse work environment
• Learning and teaching about the various political issues of this campaign
• Working in some of Florida's most diverse and underrepresented neighborhoods
• Being at the heart of the progressive change occurring in Florida and the nation as whole
• Working with volunteers from around the country as the election approaches
We are looking for canvassers to help us get Democrats elected
+ No Fundraising
+ Competitive Salary
+ Start Working Immediately

• Excellent interpersonal skills
• Must be comfortable talking about politics on a personal level
• Commitment to Florida's Democratic politics
• No minimum education level requested

$10.00 per Hour + 10.00 Gas Card per Shift
Shift: 4 Hours Shifts (Up to 3 Shifts per Day)
Days: Monday – Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday

How to Apply:
E-Mail or Call for Appointment (205) 246-3932

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