Monday, September 01, 2008

Why We need linda Bird In The Florida Senate

Her opponent, Jeff Atwater could not be a greater foe to the residents of Florida.  Jeff Atwater puts bad special interests above the people's interests.  Atwater does what the lobbyists tell him to do even if it is bad to his constituents.
Example #1:  Jeff Atwater has been a great ally for big insurance, voting for the big insurance give-away in 2006 that raised homeowners' insurance rates by over 70%. (SB 1980, 2006)
Example #2:  Atwater has been a great ally for big telecom, voting to raise phone rates for Florida's families in both 2002 and 2003.  (SB 654, 2003; HB 1683, 2002)
Example #3:  Jeff Atwater has endangered Florida residents by putting the big gun lobbyists over common sense.  In 2002, Atwater voted to allow kids to bring guns onto school property (HD 1D, 2002), and in 2008, he voted to allow people to bring guns to work, including guns at Disney World.  (HB 503, 2008)
Example #4:  Jeff Atwater sided with Tom Delay and George W. Bush in the case of Teri Schiavo.  (SB 804, 2005; HB 35E, 2003)
Example #5:  Jeff Atwater caved to the religious right by imposing burdensome medical procedures on women to intimidate those seeking to terminate pregnancy.  (SB 2400, 2008)
Example #6:  Jeff Atwater voted to require women giving children up for adoption to publish all of their sexual partners in the newspaper. (HB 141 "The Scarlet Letter Law," 2001)

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