Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Florida Moron tries to criticize Obama with hand made sign

Moron tries to criticize Obama with hand made sign.

Not only can these idiot not spell, he is too ignorant to know that Obama claims to be a Christian, not a Muslim ( or Muslin as he spells it). This guy obviously watches Fox Television. Florida man is receiving attention for a sign that is not only offensive and factually inaccurate, it also contains a key misspelling.Central Florida 13 News reported:"Neighbors of Andy Lacasse said the sign, which reads 'Obama Half-Breed Muslin [sic],' breaches the fine line between free speech and inappropriateness.""Lacasse put the sign on his lawn Saturday. A Korean War veteran, he said he was a registered Democrat until Obama won the nomination.""Lacasse said he plans to put an even bigger sign in place of the small, handmade one."This video is from Central Florida 13 News, broadcast September 30, 2008.

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