Wednesday, October 22, 2008

No match, no vote' problems can be resolved at the polls

No match, no vote' problems can be resolved at the polls, attorney says

An attorney for the Florida Association of Supervisors of Elections sent a letter to supervisors statewide today weighing in on the ongoing tiff between Pinellas County Supervisor Deborah Clark and Secretary of State Kurt Browning over voter verification at the polls.

The opinion of Ron Labasky: Clark is within her right to resolve discrepancies under the "No match, no vote" law on Election Day.

Browning, a former Pasco supervisor, has argued that matching problems need to be resolved before Election Day, and in those cases that are not the voter will be allowed to cast a provisional ballot that would count only if the discrepancies are resolved within two days.

Labasky writes "the statute does not preclude the applicant from providing that information at that time [at the polls], thereby obviating any need for subsequent contact with the supervisor, assuming that information is documented."

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