Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thank You Howard Dean

Florida Democrats -

Four years ago, after John Kerry's devastating loss, DFA members nationwide decided to not give up.

We created the 50 State Strategy. We demanded a people-powered Democratic Party. And we ran and elected Democracy for America founder Governor Howard Dean for Democratic Party Chair to deliver the results.

The rest is history.

Governor Dean never let us down and now it's time to give him the credit he has earned. Please join me and thank Howard for getting the job done.


The 50 State Strategy laid the ground work for President-Elect Obama's 50 State Campaign and landslide victory.

Governor Dean delivered a 50 State primary between two historic candidates. Every Democrat in every state had a chance to cast their vote and make it matter. Governor Dean's leadership created a tidal wave of progressive victories in 2006.

And even before we elected him to DNC Chair, Governor Dean led DFA's early endorsement of Barack Obama for U.S. Senate. Making Barack one of the first Dean Dozen candidates and shining a national spotlight on a soon to be rising star.

Let's deliver hundreds of thousands of messages from people across America and around the world thanking Governor Dean for making change happen.

To make sure Governor Dean knows exactly how we feel, he should hear it directly from you.

Please add your name and your own personal message right now.


It is a great time to be an American. In 2004, we knew that if we worked together this day would come.

I'm proud of what we have accomplished together and I can't wait for 2009.

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