Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Answering the Challenge...

A few days ago, FairDistrictsFlorida.org launched 9/9/09: Donate for FairDistricts Day, the largest online fundraiser in Florida history. All across the state, Floridians have shown their overwhelming support by pledging to give and signing up to co-host this online event!

As we said last week, we've collected more than 1.4 million signatures. As we also mentioned, the State of Florida charges a $.10 processing fee per petition. That's a lot of money we need to raise if we want to stop the political favoritism in drawing district lines.

You can make this online fundraiser a success by becoming a Co-Host, pledging to give, and spreading the word at http://www.fairdistrictsflorida.org/9909.

What does being an online Co-Host entail? It means you're pledging to give on 9/9/09, and pledging to take responsibility to make Donate for FairDistricts Day a success by asking your friends to pledge to give. The real work isn't just on 9/9/09 – it's every day between now and then. We need you to email all of your friends – a few times – call them and get them to commit on the phone, and be a leader in this movement!

Visit http://www.fairdistrictsflorida.org/9909 to sign up to Co-Host, and we'll send you an email with 2 links:

- A personalized link you can send to your friends. Anytime someone pledges by clicking your link, you'll get the credit!

- A tracking link where you can log-in and see which of your friends have signed up.

Then, use those links to write an email to all your contacts about the event. Tell them that you've pledged to give and to be a Co-Host online, and ask them to join you in this important effort. You can also talk about 9/9/09: Donate for FairDistricts Day on blogs and social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter.

Many of you have taken the challenge so far. If you haven't signed up yet, please, pledge right now to give on 9/9/09 and sign up to Co-Host the Donate for FairDistricts Day online at http://www.fairdistrictsflorida.org/9909!

9/9/09 is getting closer every day…and so is fair redistricting in Florida!

Be a part of history…sign up to Co-Host this biggest-ever event today!

Ellen Freidin
Campaign Chair

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