Saturday, August 15, 2009

Republican Plan to Hike Vehicle Fees Kicks in September 1


Republican Plan to Hike Vehicle Fees Kicks in September 1

Floridians Can Rush to Renew Licenses & Tags in August

TALLAHASSEE - Floridians, get ready for a new version of sticker shock!

Republican lawmakers balanced the Fiscal Year 2009-10 state budget on
the backs of average Floridians with, among other things, higher-priced
driver licenses and auto registrations that go into effect Sept. 1.

Increases include:

* Class E Drivers license fees increase from $27 to $48, a
78-percent hike.

* Drivers license renewals skyrocket by 140 percent, from $20 to

* Motor Vehicle registration fees for new autos increase 125
percent, from the current $100 charge to $225 a vehicle.

To help save money on tag renewals, House Democrats encourage residents
with birthdays on or before November 30 to renew before September 1.
Motorists may renew their registrations up to three months prior to
their birthday month to avoid increased fees. To maximize savings, a
two-year renewal is suggested.

Additionally, there is a chance to save on the driver license renewal
fees. A valid Florida driver license can be renewed up to 18 months in
advance and extended for eight years. Renewing early will lock in the
current rate.

During the 2009 legislative session, Florida House Democrats voted
against fee increases that were passed by the majority of the
Legislature. House Democrats say higher priced license and registration
fees are an inappropriate and unwelcome burden on Floridians during
these tough economic times.

"Republican legislators proved again this year that they are not looking
out for the middle class and working families," said House Democratic
Leader Franklin Sands (D-Weston). "These fee hikes will negatively
impact average Floridians, small businesses, farmers and industry with
higher costs that could have been averted."

For more information on the updated Department of Highway Safety and
Motor Vehicles Fee Schedule, please visit:
http://www.flhsmv. gov/dhsmvfees. htm.


Mark Hollis

Communications Director

Democratic Office

Florida House of Representatives


www.flhousedems. com

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