Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nelson votes against public option amendment in Finance Committee

The Democratic Party Platform of 25 August 2008 includes the public option, but Senator Bill Nelson of Florida has yet to publicly declare his support for it.

SenatorStatePhoneEmail ElectionInsurance $ Phama $
NELSONFL202-224-5274Email 60.3% '06 269,480 66,650

Call to Action
  • Senator Nelson is to Blame - Raise awareness that Nelson is specifically responsible for the trouble Democrats are having passing the public option

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1 comment:

Janet Sichel said...

I am stunned that Sen Nelson has sold out to big insurance in the health care debate. How can thoughtful, reasonable people not understand that there will be no financial controls unless insurance companies have competition. It doesn't mean socialized medicine, it means affordable, quality medical care for human beings. The Republican "idioplods" are leading the Democrat sheep to the tune of southern conservatives' and Sarah Palin's fear mongering.
I know it's expensive to run for political office, but I thought you were better than this Senator.
Please support a public option for us. Janet Sichel, D-Tequesta, FL