Monday, September 28, 2009

Send Sen. Bill Nelson Birthday Wishes

Tomorrow, Senator Bill Nelson will be voting on the public health insurance option—can you call his office right away?

Here's what's happening:

The Senate Finance Committee, of which Sen. Nelson is a member, is debating an awful health care bill that doesn't include the public option—the key to expanding coverage and bringing down costs.

Progressives have offered amendments that would add the public option to the bill, and the committee will begin voting on them tomorrow. Meanwhile, conservatives are pushing a bogus "trigger" amendment that would kill the public option through indefinite delay.

So we me've got to show Sen. Nelson that his constituents are demanding real health care reform with a strong public health insurance option that's available immediately. Tell him to vote "yes" on the public option amendments, and "no" on the trigger.

Here's where to call:

Senator Bill Nelson
Phone: 202-224-5274

Then Send him a Birthday message telling him to support health care reform.

After you have done both send us a email

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