Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sen. Dave Aronberg's statement on McCollum's health care lawsuit

It may be the politically popular thing for our current attorney general to do, but using state resources for political grandstanding is wrong. His effort to declare the recently-passed federal health care bill as unconstitutional reeks of the worst kind of calculated pandering. Below is a statement I released today in response to Bill McCollum's politically motivated lawsuit.

"As a former Assistant Attorney General, I remember the days when the Office stood for public safety and consumer protection.

"Unfortunately, this once great Office has been politicized by an Attorney General who is diverting its limited resources to fighting a national political battle that plays to his partisan base.

"There are many real problems facing Floridians, including gang violence, foreclosure fraud, Medicaid fraud and prescription drug abuse, that should occupy the Attorney General's time rather than a frivolous lawsuit.

"The Attorney General's Office needs to be depoliticized – and fast. This Office is too important and Florida's needs are too great to use it for political gimmicks."

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