Saturday, April 24, 2010

Florida GOP Goes After Law Enforcement in Offensive Ad

This week, the Republican Party of Florida proved just how offensively out-of-touch they have become - putting their lack of respect for law enforcement officers and their families on full display in a ridiculous web video. You can even watch the Republican Party's pathetic and offensive ad here:

This started because earlier in the week, Republicans in the Florida Legislature launched an outrageous attempt to deny the sworn law enforcement officers in Alex's department the tactical weapons we purchase to keep them safe in a dangerous job. Bill McCollum's campaign piled on the attack and finally the Republican Party of Florida released their web video. Alex was so outraged by this video attacking and ridiculing Florida's law enforcement officers, that she sent it to all of her supporters, so they could see just how low McCollum and his allies at the Republican Party of Florida are willing to go.
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