Friday, April 09, 2010

Sen.Dave Aronberg Calls on Governor Christ To Veto SB6

A majority of the Florida House of Representatives just joined the Senate in passing Senate Bill 6, which poses the greatest threat to public education that I have seen in my 8 years in the legislature.

This legislation is not about reform. It is about punishment of teachers. It is based on the arrogant view that Tallahassee bureaucrats and politicians are better suited to guide a child's education than their teachers, principals and parents.

I am calling upon the Governor to veto this bad bill that will send good teachers packing and will threaten our children, our schools and our businesses.

Join me in urging a veto by e-mailing Governor Crist at or by calling
(850) 488-7146.

P.S. Watch my Senate floor speech on my amendment to stop Senate Bill 6.
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