Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Tonight, the voters of Florida's 19th District delivered State Senator Ted Deutch an overwhelming victory in the special election to replace former Congressman Robert Wexler. Ted Deutch released the following statement after the Associated Press called the race:

"I am profoundly humbled that the people of Palm Beach and Broward Counties have chosen me to be their voice in the United States Congress. Tonight, the people of South Florida sent a powerful message to the entire nation- the Democratic Party is alive and well. This is the first special election to follow the passage of health care reform, and my opponent wanted to make this election a referendum on this historic legislation. Tonight, he got it. The voters of Florida's 19th District, consisting of large numbers of seniors, said today that they support health care reform,they want our economy to keep growing, and they want this Administration to succeed.

"The citizens that I will have the privilege to represent in Florida's 19th Congressional District are an extraordinary collection of Americans. They are seniors and veterans who fought valiantly in World War II, and they are small business owners and young families who work hard every day to pass a better world and greater economic opportunities onto their children. For too many citizens of South Florida, new jobs and economic growth have not materialized fast enough, and I will go to Washington to work hard everyday to deliver the results that my constituents want to see.

"To be given the honor to represent the people of the 19th District in the House of Representatives is the honor of a lifetime, and I look forward to providing a strong voice in Congress for this community in the days and months ahead."
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