Monday, July 19, 2010


A special session of the state legislature will begin on Tuesday to consider a constitutional ban on offshore oil drilling in Florida waters. Florida has struggled with crafting a policy developing renewable energy sources over the past three years. Representative Alan Williams (D-Tallahassee) today sent a letter to Speaker of the Florida House, Larry Cretul and President of the Florida Senate, Jeff Atwater for inclusion of a renewable portfolio standards constitutional amendment in the July 20-23 special session.

The legislature should expand the call of the Special Session on the crisis in the Gulf and design a meaningful renewable energy policy for our state. Rep. Williams filed, HJR43C relating to Renewable Energy Sources outside the governor’s call on today. The legislation is modeled after legislation passed during the 2009 legislative session, championed by the late Senator Jim King. The constitutional amendment will allow voters the opportunity to establish that 20-pecent of Florida electricity be generated by renewable sources by 2020. “This constitutional amendment will allow voters the control of reframing energy sources for Florida. Our state needs real and comprehensive energy reform now, it’s too important for our future and we can’t allow this opportunity to pass us by. I strongly believe that the answer to our growing energy needs is a renewable portfolio standard for our state.”

“A renewable portfolio standard can put Florida at the forefront of developing a Green Collar Economy that will create thousands of green jobs and careers, said Rep. Williams.” Considering the costs and benefits of renewable energy sources the results will show that the Florida can meet a significant share of its electricity needs from renewable resources at a modest cost. Our state can’t afford another oil spill catastrophe. We cannot continue investing resources overseas for foreign oil. Developing renewable energy standards will provide Florida with immediate environmental benefits, decrease our dependency of foreign oil and create jobs for the State. True democracy is ruled by the people.”


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