Sunday, August 08, 2010

Dave Aronberg for Florida Attorney General.

Dear Friends:

Please join me in supporting Democrat Dave Aronberg for Florida Attorney General.

When it comes to human rights, Florida is way behind the curve. That’s why we need a passionate, energetic Dave Aronberg as our next AG – and not just another candidate from the political establishment. Dave has shaken up the status quo throughout his career as an Assistant Attorney General and then as a State Senator.

As a Senator, Dave represents a district that is only about 39% Democratic – stretching from West Palm Beach to Fort Myers. Yet Dave was one of the leading voices in the legislature to call for specific GLBT protections in our State’s anti-bullying law, and helped ensure that the law’s legislative history included such protection. In fact, he was the only Senator to publicly stand with Ryan Skipper’s parents to help pass this important law. See the video at

Dave has been one of the leading voices against Florida’s ban on gay adoption and has co-sponsored bills to repeal the law. As Attorney General, Dave has publicly announced that he will end the State’s litigation to defend this “immoral” and “unconstitutional” ban.

In 2008, even as he was fighting for his own re-election against a well-funded Republican challenger in a competitive Senate district, Dave served on the Red and Blue Advisory Board to attempt to defeat Amendment 2.

And when Leon County was debating a landmark civil rights ordinance earlier this year, Dave Aronberg (at my request), put his campaign schedule on hold and traveled to Tallahassee to speak up for the ordinance, which then passed into law.

This is why Dave Aronberg has been endorsed by such leaders in our community as Broward Mayor Ken Keechl and GLBT Democratic Caucus President Michael Albetta, along with many others (including me- Florida GLBT Democratic Caucus Financial Director) who want action and not just talk.

This crucial election is August 24th. The turnout is expected to be low, so we can make a real difference in this race.

For more on Dave Aronberg and his campaign to change Florida as our next Attorney General, please visit


Jeff G. Peters, Esq.

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