Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Scott: Occupy Wall Street protesters ‘frustrated with where the world is going’ | Florida Independent

Gov. Rick Scott (Pic via

In an interview on Fox 13 this week, Gov. Rick Scott said that Occupy Wall Street protesters are “frustrated with where the world is going” and compared them to his supporters, who “believe government kills jobs.”

While there is not one agreed-upon message among protesters rallying in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, politicians and pundits have tried to pin down the group’s beliefs. Conservative pundits and politicians have referred to the movement as a “communist plot” or “class warfare.”

In his interview on FOX 13, when asked about the protests, Scott said he thinks “people are frustrated with where the world is going.”

“In my race,” he said, “the biggest frustration people had is jobs — and they are frustrated because they believe government kills jobs, whether it’s taxes or regulation or permitting.”

He also said he won his race because he had “a plan for jobs.” His plan, however, has been the center of attention because he recently walked back from a central metric for his plan.

“I think we are going to solve these issues (and I am glad people come out and tell us what they think) by creating an environment where people can get jobs,” Scott told Fox.


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