Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jeb Bush's Attack on Public Schools

IN JUNE 2010, FORMER FLORIDA Gov. Jeb Bush traveled to Columbus, Ohio, to give the commencement speech for the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow, the state's largest virtual charter school. ECOT, which provides K-12 online education for kids who never set foot inside a classroom, was celebrating its 10th anniversary and its largest graduating class—nearly 2,000 kids. Naturally, the event, held on the campus of Ohio State University, was webcast for those who couldn't make it.

Bush served up the usual graduation platitudes about the future. Then he hit on the reason he was saluting this particular school: digital learning. It was, he said, nothing short of a revolutionary approach, a way to meet "the unique needs of each student so that their God-given abilities are maximized, so they can pursue their dreams armed with the power of knowledge."


Friday, December 16, 2011

Poll shows Dave Aronberg trouncing State Attorney Michael McAuliffe

 Jack Furnari
 BIZPAC Review

A poll taken in late August shows former state Sen. Dave Aronberg trouncing current Palm Beach County State Attorney Michael McAuliffe in a hypothetical Democratic primary matchup for the job as the county's top prosecutor.
The poll, taken Aug. 23-25, surveyed 400 Palm Beach County Democratic primary voters and found that if the election were held today, Aronberg would get 42 percent of the votes to McAuliffe's 27 percent, with 32 percent undecided. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percent.
Aronberg, a Harvard Law School graduate, represented parts of Palm Beach and four other counties as a state senator from 2002-2010. He then ran for and lost the Democratic nomination for Florida attorney general to Dan Gelber, a Miami Democrat who lost the general election to the current attorney general, Republican Pam Bondi.
But soon after the 2010 elections, Aronberg joined Bondi's team as a special counsel helping to lead what became a very successful crackdown on pill mills. The popular Democrat hasn't said whether he will jump into the state attorney's race next fall, and some have wondered whether he would leave the post in Bondi's office.
Meanwhile, the one-term state attorney has drawn some negative attention from critics. The Florida Commission on Ethics recently dismissed a complaint accusing McAuliffe of dropping police brutality-related charges to curry favor with, and the endorsement of, the Police Benevolent Association for his reelection campaign.
The ethics charge may have been dropped, but McAuliffe suffered a major drop in fundraising last quarter as rumors of an Aronberg candidacy spread, and political insiders consider him vulnerable.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Feds deny Florida’s request to phase in health insurance profit cap

The federal government announced today that it has denied Florida’s request to phase in a medical loss ratio (MLR) requirement for health insurance companies.

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the federal agency has “determined that the evidence presented does not establish a reasonable likelihood that the application of the 80 percent MLR standard will destabilize the Florida individual market. Consequently, we have determined not to adjust the MLR standard in the Florida individual market and, thereby, ensure that consumers receive the full benefit of this provision of the Affordable Care Act.”

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