Friday, March 02, 2012

We need you to take action right now.

We need you to take action right now.

In a surprise move, the so-called "Parent Empowerment Act”/SB 1718 did not get enough votes today to move to the floor for a full vote.  Now there's a full-court press to pass this bill at all costs.  It's up to us to say no.

Click here to visit our sister site at to quickly send an email to the Florida Senate or click here for a list of phone numbers for each Senator.  Urge them to vote No on SB 1718. 
Some politicians are questioning their choice to listen to the Parent Revolution lobbyists from California instead of us. 
In an effort to move the bill to the floor, Senate leadership called for a  Budget Committee meeting tomorrow morning at 8a.m. with the plan to quietly vote and move this bill to the floor., 50th No More, Citizens for Strong Schools, Florida PTA, Marions United for Public Education, Save Duval Schools and Support Dade Schools issued a widely-published joint statement clearly stating that we do not support the so-called “Parent Empowerment Act."
Instead of empowering parents, this infamous “parent trigger” scheme does the following:
Uses parents’ concern for their children as a tool to pull the “trigger” and give their neighborhood school to a private for-profit charter management corporation
·         Strips power from parents and voters
·         Removes all local control from taxpayers
·         Destroys democratic process by taking neighborhood schools away from the jurisdiction of duly elected district officials
·         Allows a small group of people to make a major fiscal and education decision for everyone else’s child
·         Robs Florida taxpayers of a significant capital investment
For-profit charters answer to no elected official, profit off our children and do not “empower parents.”
Click here and send an email to the Florida Senate. Tell them that Florida parents oppose the "Parent Empowerment" bill.

Our children cannot afford profit-driven reforms that do not work.  Speak up today.  Give our children a voice at the table.

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